Defending Yourself and Your Community from Trump’s police Fascism (31.5.2020)

The US Burns in the Fire of Fascism!

The following informative text is spreading through Western social media! It explains clearly, logically and reasonably how to protect yourself and your community from police oppression when you rightfully take to the streets to protest the Minnesota Police murder of the innocent African-American George Floyd! Americans need to overthrow this far-right Trump government and re-establish genuine democracy, peace and justice! I fully support the brave Americans – young and old – who are taking Revolutionary action against the fascist murder of George Floyd! Take care of yourslves and each-other! Unlike the fascist rioters that Trump sent to Hong Kong to overthrow China’s Socialist System – these American people have risen-up not for Trump – but against him! His time is coming to end. Make a ‘new’ America and let equality be the basis!


(This is a copy/paste. You’re more than welcome to copy and paste it as well)
Protests are probable/expected across the USA (and now globally)
𝙄𝙛 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙜𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙤 𝙖 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨𝙩:
Wear black head-to-toe.
(!!!Do not wear alternative clothing!!!)
Masks up (you can do this with a black t-shirt, google Piqueteros).
Comfortable footwear for being on your feet potentially for an entire day.
The more uniform everyone looks the harder it is for the state to identify who did what (no face no case).
Wear another color under your black in case you need to strip it off to blend into the general population.
Bring extra PPE to assist everyone in preventing the spread of Covid-19.
Strikers should move to the role of unarresting/ interveneing physically against police violence.
Pad your dominant forearm to absorb baton blows (it may save you a broken arm).
It’s everyone’s job to assist medics in collecting supplies and lending a hand when called on during an emergency.
Call for a medic with both arms crossed over your head. “Medic”!!
In the event chemical irritants are deployed, eyes are washed with water (street medics have moved away from maylox in recent years). The chemicals are oily, treat them like you would poison ivy.
Do not wear contacts if you can help it/
wear eye protection.
When medics offer a snack or water, take it (you need it).
If someone goes down shield them with your body as they are vulnerable to attack/ trampling.
Keep the cameras off injured peoples (short spray paint cans are good for taking care of camera lenses that refuse to move). Also, watch what you broadcast and post, everyone is watching and you don’t know what or how it will be used, maybe against you or others.
After the action, check in with medics. Medics are notoriously the worst at self-care during crisis and deal with major trauma. Show them care and emotional support.
Stay mobile, avoid being cornered/ kettled/ flanked. Cops will yell loudly/ concussion grenades are fucking loud. Their noise is meant to rattle and disorient you.
Tear gas cannisters will burn a naked hand. They should be returned with at least a 100% cotton gloved hand to the cops that shot them/ covered with something like a traffic cone.
Never turn your back to an attacker, do not run. Eyes constantly scan outside the crowd. Remain hyper-vigilant at all times.
Leave no one behind.
In the event of arrest, do not tell cops anything, not even what you had for breakfast (everybody walks when nobody talks).
Legal teams are already working to get you out/ bail is already being raised internationally. When the protest is over everyone who is able should go to the jail to stand in solidarity until everyone is released (there are exceptions, legal will help make that call).
Write the legal number on your body in multiple places with sharpie.
In the event trans/non-binary comrades are arrested or detained, cis people MUST go to jail with them. If you have to cross the police line or sit in the middle of the street to get this done, do it. We never let trans/non-binary comrades go to jail alone.
This also applies to white people when POC are arrested. We protect the most marginalized in our ranks.
One person not in the street needs critical info for those arrested. Real names/ DOB/ medications/ etc. Write it down somewhere safe off-site, burn it later. Do NOT use Google Docs or other online forms. These are insecure and subject to subpoena.
This is non-sectarian defense. We may have beef outside the protest, but in the street we stand shoulder-to-shoulder. We protect each other, we have each other’s backs.

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