How Gee Protects Our Family and the Nation!

Midwife Gee!

My partner – Gee Wyles – earned a place at Kings College London to study Midwifery through its prestigious Florence Nightingale School. Since then, and following 4 years of study, having another baby and finally qualifying, she now works at on the main NHS Hospitals in London! For her education, the British government has levied a total debt of £60,000 – which does not include the £40,000 of extra debt accrued living modestly in South London and bringing-up two children. We are determined that our children will have the best start to life, which is centred around a sound, scientific education. This, at least is working, despite the crippling debt. There is no point asking anyone for help, as everyone we know is in a similar or worse position. It is my mother who wisely feeds us small but significant (continuous) sums of money that fill the leaks and prevent us from sinking! As Communists we refuse to behave like uncivilised animals, and ‘share’ whatever we can with whomever needs it. Obviously, we do not have much to spare, but it is important to us that what we have is given to people who need it most. In reality, the UK needs a genuinely ‘Socialist’ government that will implement a radical re-distribution of wealth, and wipe-out all or most debt built-up over the years of Tory, LibDems and New Labour misrule.  

As the Tories are privatising the NHS and cutting its services and staffing levels, and despite the high level of educational excellence acquired in training, the remaining NHS Staff are paid a pittance – similar to an 18 year old fresh out of university and starting working as an entry-level clerk in a well-established firm. For around £20,000 a year, these dedicated people are forced to staff an ever-shrinking NHS, knowing full-well that all the government cuts in healthcare are dangerous to the general public that need these services the most. Today, although not employed as soldiers, or expected to lay-down their lives for their countries –NHS Staff are dying in their hundreds from Covid19! This is on top of the 36,000 British people who have already died due to the Tory government mishandling of the crisis. The Tories (and LibDems) conspired to withhold any realistic pay-rises since 2010, and expect NHS Staff to die in higher numbers than casualties suffered by the British Army in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan!  

The Tory government has refused to provide suitable PPE (protective clothing) on the grounds that it ‘costs too much’! Gee goes to work with masks sent from our friends in the Communist Party of China! She carefully follows all health and safety protocols and is always washing her hands and fore-arms thoroughly. As she works with Covid19 pregnant women, new mums and babies, it is important that they are made safe from further infection (to give them the greatest chance of survival), and that Gee does not contract Covid19, or becomes a carrier of covid19 into our family. As with all NHS families, we are part of a highly vulnerable group. Still, Gee and her colleagues work 12-hour day and night shifts with no support from the Tory government, reliant primarily upon charity for survival. This is how the Tories are making our NHS Staff live in this age of NHS privatisation. Gee and her colleagues still perform their duty despite this disgusting treatment. They are heroes on many levels.  

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