How America controls ‘fascist shock’ video sites!

Trump Fascism is Upon Us!

The ‘bright’ internet, that is the legal and lawful internet that is regulated and considered legitimate – as opposed to the unregulated and criminal ‘dark’ and ‘deep’ internet – hosts a number of websites that invariably advertise their content as ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of expression’, and which are presented (and packaged) as being ‘against censorship’. The websites I am discussing host uncensored photographs and videos of accidents, warfare, violence, fights, animal attacks, nudity, sexual activity (including sexual violence, bestiality and rape, etc), torture, animal cruelty, graphic medical content (such as operations and surgery), inappropriate humour, homophobia, transgenderphobia, misogyny, racism, religious persecution and murder. This content is considered ‘Adult’ in nature and suitable only for people over 18 years of age. This content is generally considered too explicit for the mainstream Youtube or other similar video-sharing platforms. I would argue that the average 18, 28 or 38-year-old, do not possess the intellectual, emotional or cognitive maturity to properly make sense of exposure to this content, which opposes the norms of a peaceful and civilised society. A properly trained soldier, surgeon, doctor, medic or professional academic might possess the ability to remain suitably ‘objective’ when confronted with film footage of the type of situations they encounter in their professional activities. Indeed, in many such professions, video-footage is carefully used for training purposes. 

Why are these websites allowed to exist on the internet? Why do bourgeois governments a) allow these sites to exist, and b) broadcast the harmful content they do? Of course, the United States is the home of many such sites, but there is one infamous site from Canada, with a few others spread throughout Europe. No such websites exist on the alternative internet used within Socialist China or North Korea, as such uncontrolled and unregulated content has been proven psychologically and emotionally damaging for unwary or curious individuals to encounter. Exposure to such content in the West has led invariably to violent and sexual crime of many different types, with the audience for such websites containing a large criminal element. This is not surprising, as much of the footage features individuals breaking the law by beating, killing, stealing, destroying or hurting, etc. Many captured in these videos, (that is the ‘perpetuators’), frequent these ‘shock’ sites to see themselves in action and read the intellectually deficient comments applauding their actions.  Victims of violence and murder are exposed to the world having their bones broken and their lives brutally extinguished as a form of ‘entertainment’ for apathetic and morally deficient ‘White’ Americans and their European allies, and herein lies the purpose of these sites. 

Although each of these ‘shock’ sites claim that no one under 18 exists in the videos they host, a quick search on some of these sites will soon locate teenagers being subjected to violence, torture and even death! Videos of violence, torture, dismemberment and murder originate amongst the drug cartels of Mexico, and the various Islamo-fascist groups operating in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and other parts of the Middle East. Israeli Forces killing unarmed Palestinian men, women and children are plentiful, as are videos of graphic war-footage past and present. Executions by beheading and shooting are common-place and prove extremely popular amongst the dullards that frequent these sites, and make the sites worthwhile from an advertising perspective. Mangled bodies after accidents are also favoured, as are clips of the severely injured writhing on the ground in agony. What is interesting about this footage is that most of it is from countries ‘outside’ of Europe and the US, and predominantly features ‘non-White’ people, and there is good reason for this. 

These sites are allowed to exist by the bourgeois governments (despite their dubious legal status), because they serve the very important purpose of maintaining the racial hegemony of the ‘White’ race in multicultural America and Europe!  Videos from the West overwhelmingly featured Black, Asian and Chinese people engaged in arguments or violent encounters. Either with one another, or with a member of the White community or ‘White’ police force. This is because these ‘shock’ sites are inherently ‘fascist’ in both origin and function, and attract the White members of the far-right and ultra-nationalist and White Supremacy movements (and their weak-minded allies). The narrative in operation is very clear, despite the seemingly haphazard nature of the activity of its membership. All the members are typically ‘disorganised’ and manifest an overtly ‘stupid’ mindset, the Administration of these sites are well organised and provide a ‘play area’ for the far-right to peddle its filth. Black, Asian and Chinese people are continuously portrayed as racially, politically, culturally, psychologically, emotionally and behaviourally ‘inferior’ to their ‘White’ counter-parts whose inherent ‘ignorance’ is privileged on such sites. At no time does the Administration attempt to interfere in the continuous misrepresentation, untrue reporting, false labelling or hate-speech that is routine in the Comments Section, or attached as video-descriptions.  

The bourgeois system must maintain its own power-base, and ensure that a substantial section of the White community holds openly racist view-points that serve the function of keeping Black, Asian and Chinese people from entering the mainstream of Western society and exercising a positive influence. The bourgeois establishment does this whilst appearing to condemn some types of racism, whilst thoroughly encouraging other types. Whatever the case, its condemning of racism is superficial as it relies upon the agency of effective racism to retain its political power by preventing a non-White proletarian influence creeping into the White working-class and encouraging it to ‘rise-up’ against bourgeois capitalism and seize the means of production! This is why anti-China racism has been at a fever-pitch in the West for quite some time, both mainstream and periphery.  Recently, the African-American George Floyd was murdered by four White Minnesota police officers (assisted by Asian-American officer Tou Thao). His murder was clearly filmed by numerous concerned citizens, and this unlawful action led to the officers being ‘sacked’ but not charged. Usually, under these conditions, these officers are immediately employed in a nearby State and their life goes on as usual. However, with President Trump routinely expressing and supporting racist rhetoric, thousands of people in Minnesota have taken to the streets in protest to this crime, demanding that the officers involved are ‘charged’ with murder! Despite hundreds of short video clips of these protests (often showing the Minnesota police acting illegally), virtually ‘none’ of these videos are being shown on the rightwing ‘shock’ videos sites!  

This is because everyone knows that what happened to George Floyd was clearly a ‘crime’, and that Black, Asian and Chinese people are right to complain, as are the thousands of White people supporting them. These inherently ‘racist’ shock sites cannot portray the Black, Asian or Chinese community in a positive light for any reason, as that would contradict their reason to exist. Furthermore, these ‘shock’ sites do not want to advertise the fact that large swathes of the White community are ‘supporting’ these non-White protests, and that the various communities have been ‘united’ in outrage and protest!  Instead, videos of the Minnesota protests are being deliberately took-down and deleted from these ‘shock’ sites, as they depict the non-White communities as ‘having a point’, and in so doing, straying into the area of ‘positive’ portrayal. The fascist ideology that underlies these ‘shock’ sites will not allow such a deviation from its prime directive of racial misrepresentation. In the meantime, the bourgeois system will allow a certain amount of protest, offer one or two ultimately pointless concessions (that change nothing), and peace will be restored. The status quo will be preserved and the usual racism will exert itself. This racism can be seen on any number of these sites which can be found with a quick Google search. As the US government lies behind these sites, the US government is directing that the biggest street protests since Rodney King should be played-down and all videos ‘deleted’ before being allowed to go viral.  This is extraordinary considering these sites routinely spread the most obscure videos that misrepresent non-White people and minorities – gathered from all over the world!  

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