Entering the Lion’s Den of Reactionary Religion

Understanding religion is one thing, but agreeing with politics associated with religion is quite another. Respecting and guaranteeing the beliefs of others does not equate with wholesale support of the political history of the religion(s) concerned. A contemplative Christian monk who does no harm to any living creature, who is at peace and exudes a sense of calm and loving presence, nevertheless could be a member of a Church that (from 1922 until 1945) supported the forces of International Fascism, and then following its defeat, had its own priests ‘officiate’ over the executions of leading fascists across the Western world. Popes Pius XI and XII openly (and clearly) aligned the Roman Catholic Church with Mussolini’s Fascism and Hitler’s Nazism. The Roman Catholic Church also collaborated with the Nazi Government in the rounding-up and extermination of the Jews and other minorities deemed ‘Enemies of the State’. These policies of supporting fascism stem from the Roman Catholic Church’s resistance to ‘Socialism’, and its refusal to condemn predatory capitalism and recognise the right of the workers to organise and self-empower! Indeed, Pope Pius XII personally asked Winston Churchill to quietly resettle 10,000 Ukrainian SS soldier in Scotland (disguised as Polish refugees), as a way of preventing these men from being arrested and tried for their brutal War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity carried-out as part of the Nazi Germany invasion of the USSR.  

The problem with bourgeois religion is that it a priori supports predatory capitalism. It ‘normalises’ class antagonism which sees the bourgeoisie naturally dominant. True, this is not usually the position of the average Catholic monk or nun, but it is usually the preferred position of the popular Church and the policy pursued by its priests. Added to this is the Church’s anti-science position, and rejection of science as the most important invention of the human-mind. In the 1970s, the ordinary people of Afghanistan democratically voted a Socialist government into power. This progressive will of the people wanted the theology of Islam to take second place to secular science, and the country to adopt a ‘secular’ mode of life like the countries of the West. The United States, however, viewing this as an extension of the spread of the influence of Socialism used the CIA to concoct a new form of religious ignorance in Afghanistan amongst the ignorant and uneducated tribes that lived in the hills. This was the beginning of the US project of ‘Islamo-Fascism’. A distorted Islamic theology was combined with (Western) far-right racism, extreme intolerance and murder. This highly volatile mix of religious theology and fascistic think laid the foundations for the Mujahedeen, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and a plethora of Islamo-Fascist off-shoots. The US Government even directed Hollywood to venerated these savages in films such as Rambo III!  

A video featuring Hillary Clinton can be found on YouTube where she admits that US Government was behind the construction of ‘Islamo-Fascism’, but qualifies this by saying that it was worth the cost of 911 – as it contributed toward the destruction of Communism! In late 1979, the democratically elected Socialist Government ‘requested’ help from the Soviet Union to stem the tide of this US-financed and armed Islamo-Fascist offensive against democracy. The Soviet Red Army entered Afghanistan on December 25th, 1979, and began a massive –reconstruction campaign which was continuously hindered by US-backed terrorist attacks. Brother Wayne Teasdale, a ‘lay-monk’ from the US, explains how the Catholic Church quite naturally ‘supported’ what the US was doing in Afghanistan. He explains in his book entitled A Monk in the World’, how a Catholic spiritual retreat centre in the US hosted a number of wounded Mujahedeen fighters whilst they ‘recovered from their wounds’, as guests of the Catholic Church and the US Government in the 1980s. It is this type of ‘casual’ support for terrorism, racism and reaction that the Established Church is famous for as an institution, regardless of the fact that many individuals in the Church may personally disagree with this age-old policy (indeed, it is thought that the Church has killed around 10 million people in the last one thousand years throughout Europe).  

Understanding ‘how’ the fascistic Church functions should not prevent the objective study of theology and Church history. A balance must be developed where Church fascism is a) acknowledged and b) thoroughly rejected, whilst the more interesting aspects of Church history are analysed ad understood. It is ironic that the fascist leaning of a popular Church would appear to contradict the founder of Church itself.  

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