Members of Communist Party of China Train for COVID19 Prevention in Korea (17.2.2020)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: China and North Korea are working closely to support one another’s efforts in securing the well-being of the people, whilst effectively fighting the corona virus. Although not specificaly mentioned in this text, whilst I was researching the background to this article in Beijing, I was told that Korean-language speakers were being trained in China to help stop the epidemic before being deployed to North Korea – and that those Koreans fluent in the Chinese language – are likewise being deployed in China! ACW (19.3.2020)

Liu Shenghua (刘盛华) is studying at the School of International Education in Jiangxi University – he is a level-17 Korean language student, and a Communist Party of China (CPC) Probationary Member.

The outbreak of the ‘new’ corona virus infection (which is a form of pneumonia that shares 70% of the earlier SARS genetic makeup) is getting worse. Two important documents entitled – “Central Committee Administration Advice” and the “Notice on Further Improving the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Epidemic Situation of New Coronavirus Infection in Rural Areas” – have been jointly issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Jiangxi Provincial Prevention and Control Command. The instruction in these two documents is being applied (through the authority of the Village Committee) in Liu Shenghua’s home-village (Shangsheng [上盛] Village, Longmen Town, Ji’an City, Yongxin County, Jiangxi Province). All the regions of China possess democratically elected mirroring Communist Party Committees (comprised of local people) which send delegates to Beijing to advise the CPC Central Committee, and which discuss Central Committee decisions (adjusting advice to local conditions). Every decision is democratically decided (through discussion) as being in the best interests of the people.

At 9am on February 4th, 2020, the Village Committee deployed several urgently needed Epidemic Prevention and Control volunteers, specially trained in the field of disease control and the knowledge to carry out rural epidemic prevention and control work. The epidemic is currently under way. As a college student receiving (free) higher education, Liu Shenghua bravely came forward to participate as a volunteer for Epidemic Prevention and Control.

Anti-epidemic activities are serious and challenging. The village leaders have conducted local training for volunteers, instructing them how to carry out legal and effective epidemic prevention, and introduced some practical epidemic prevention techniques. After that, the person in charge travelled to convenient gathering points between a number of villages to ask for volunteers and spread the training. When an effective Cadre was developed, certain vomunteers travelled to each village and gave lectures in disease prevention. Other people are responsible for visiting the clinics and hospitals of various villages to assist patients in seeking medical treatment, whilst others are responsible for visiting the villages to help the elderly and the disabled. Liu Shenghua was responsible for persuading outsiders not to enter other villages, and for everyone to understand the science behind the concept of ‘quarantine’, and how it is important to limit physical contact whilst not moving around.

Liu Shenghua’s work lasted 3 days. During the volunteer period, he successfully persuaded more than 10 villagers to stop entering the village, helped 6 villagers to wear masks, and introduced the villagers to the correct precautions to limit the epidemic.

Liu Shenghua said, “The medical staff and volunteers who are fighting on the front lines of the epidemic are great. As a Party Member of the CPC, we must firmly align with them. The rural anti-epidemic work depended me and I tried my best to implement our mission, don’t be an onlooker! “

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