How the Falun Gong Cult ‘Spread’ the Corona Virus! (17.2.2020)

The Ignorance of the Falun Gong Cult Spreads Covid19 Around the World!

(Research and Translation by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The Falun Gong Cult is a US psychological ‘black operation’ perpetuated by the CIA. The US Goverment has been enaged in an attempt to ‘undermine’ the Socialist System of China (and uproot the Communist Party of China) from power for decades, using Western-invented ‘parodies’ of what Americans think Chinese religion ‘might be’. Of course, as a ‘parody’, this policy has its roots deeply embedded in the historical legacy of (racist) European imperialism and colonisation, and strives to present the Chinese people in China as being physically, psychologically, emotionally, culturally and politically ‘inferior’. The Falun Gong Cult is head-quartered in New York, with its ethnic Chinese figure-heads employed by the US Government. Recently, whilst operating under the guidance and direction of the US Government, the Falun Gong Cult stated that the CPC had been ‘illegally’ developing a weaponised infection in a ‘secret’ scientific research centre in Wuhan, and that this ‘infection’ had been either ‘accidently’ or ‘purposely released’ into the environment. The Falun Gong Cult implies that certain diseffected Chinese citizens ‘broke in’ to the research centre and mistakenly released the virus (following the film plot of Western horror film ’28 Days’), or that the CPC ruthlessly tested the virus on its own people. Both of these statements are ‘false’ and originate in the US.

Predictably, without assessing the facts of the matter, the Western media reproduced these absurd Falun Gong Cult lies without ascertaining the source of this disinformation. This type of false reporting always follows the same pattern which suggests an ‘unknown’ or ‘unrevealable’ source has provided the US with this data – but no one in the US can produce a reliable Chinese language reference which originated from within Mainland China. This is because ‘none’ exist and the stories are purely fictional. This type of lying, however, oftn causes fear, doubt and indecision amongst the general population, and interferes with any Government initiative designed to combat such national emergencies as the corona virus outbreak! The Falun Gong Cult, needless to say, spared no expense in spreading its false propaganda. Despite its lies being exposed time and time again – the US Government continuously demands that the Falun Gong Cult be allowed to broadcast freely in the UK and across Europe! Why is this? Whereas the US and other Western countries has ‘banned’ various Muslim groups for merely ‘questioning’ Western policy in the Middle East, why is the Falun Gong Cult allowed to continuously spread lies about China? The answer is simple as the Falun Gong Cult is a CIA operation with an unlimited budget. Its purpose is not to tell the truth – but to encourage civil unrest, crime, violence and turmoil – this chaos is what America terms ‘freedom’…

Initially, the Falun Gong Cult attempted to spread the ‘chemical weapons’ myth by designing news bulletins broadcast through the pages of the Epoch Times – the disinforming newspaper of the Falun Gong Cult. After analysing the numerous photographs, however, the ‘Falun Gong’ watermark was found ‘hidden’ in all the numerous (accompanying) photographs to the story. The Falun Gong Cult cannot help but ‘advertise’ its presence lurking in the dark behind all these lies and deceptions.

The truth of the matter is that illnesses exist all over the world, but very few ‘capitalist’ countries are honest about it (as their Governments do not want to ‘pay’ for treatment programmes or prevention projects, etc). Communist China is different as Socialism deeply cares for all the people of the world! The CPC has initiated a wide-spread and thorough treatment and prevention programme ‘free’ at the point of use. Anyone can travel to China and receive ‘free’ medical treatment. The CPC is making a full use of the latest scientific analysis and methdology to defeat this outbreak of disease! The Chinese people are pulling together and will undoubtedly prevail through the use of science and Socialist organisation. This is a very different approach to US anti-intellectualism that is being used by the Washington Post or the Falun Gong Cult!

Original Chinese Language Article:

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