Pan is the Original ‘God of Love’ – the Meaning of UK Pancake Day! (25.2.2020)

Witchcraft Museum – Boscastle – Cornwall

If you’re British – or are interested in Paganism – remember that the god ‘Pan’ demands that you make round cakes today (symbolising the cycle of the seasons) – which you must consume to imbue all the goodness and procreative ‘love’ of nature in preparaton for the coming beauty of Spring! Pan often sits in the cross-legged meditating position familiar to Buddhism (for reasons no one can understand or remember). This is often seen in Ireland through very old engravings on stone. The original ‘Celtic’ Christianity lived in peace with Paganism. This Christianity was monastic based and practiced love and tolerance of ‘differences’, but the later Catholic and Protestant Christian Churches not only persecuted one another, but routinely attacked Paganism – (depicting our indigenous ‘Pan’ as the ‘Devil’). However, this persecution could not stop British Celtic people from worshipping the loving god Pan, or from performing this ritual every year! Pan is the King of all the gods in our polytheistic world! He has stag horns to symblise the British Celtic habit of ‘mixing’ different things – including race!


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