China Confronts US Fascism and Defends the World’s Collective Human Rights (23.12.2019)

Socialist China Confronts US Racism and Tyranny!

The ethnic Uyghur population of northwest China (living in Xinjiang province), generally live in a peaceful and constructive existence. China has two distinct Muslim populations, the ‘Hui’ (the descendants of Arabs), and the Uyghur (the decedents of Turks). China possesses 56 ethnic minorities – other than the dominant ‘Han’ majority. The Uyghur – like the Hui – possess a form of self-governance which allows for self-determination within the context of the Socialist Constitution (initiated in 1956). Whereas the United States has been involved in a war against Islam from at least 2001, and is responsible for the invention and spread of Islamo-fascism (which was originated in 1970s Afghanistan by the CIA), China has always encouraged Islamic practice and culture providing none of its followers seek to undermine the hard-earned Socialist System. By and large, as the Socialist System has led to tremendous improvement in housing, employment, medical care, education and leisure activities (which ‘protects’ religious practices), Chinese Muslims have benefitted extensively, and been loyal and content to the Chinese State.  Furthermore, Chinese Muslims are employed across Chinese society and serve in the Chinese military, with many holding high offices of great responsibility and cultural prestige. Indeed, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has within it entire military units comprised of ethnic Uyghur and Hui regiments that have fought very bravely in various conflicts.  

By way of contrast, the United States has continuously pursued a policy of attempting to induce ethnic rivalry and racial strife amongst the Chinese people in an attempt to generate false ‘freedom’ movements that look toward and support the ideology of the capitalist West, and rely upon US support and sustenance. This CIA policy protects the existing (and historical) racism existent in the US onto China, whilst trying to undo the Solidarity of the Socialist System and separate the 56 ethnic groups into belligerent and conflicting entities all seeking a little bit of Chinese land for themselves, whilst all holding anti-Han (racist) viewpoints! This US policy seeks to reduce the unity of China into a fascistic cauldron of racial violence, hatred and greed, as a means to defeat the Socialist Revolution and sweep away the Socialist System and replace it with predatory capitalism. The American Government concocts a racially based ‘lie’ about China in the English language which very few people in the West possess the education to oppose, expose or reveal as ‘false’. This ‘lie’ is then perpetuated through the US media and the US education system so that the ‘lie’ is treated as an unquestioned ‘fact’. The US Government perpetuates the racial myth that the Chinese people are physically, psychologically, emotionally, culturally and politically backward, and that Chinese society must be attacked as the ‘evil’ manifestation it is, and replaced with predatory capitalism.  

As with any fascist State, the US protects its assumed hegemony upon the world, and enforces its particular brand of ‘anti-intellectualism’ through actual military violence, or threatened military violence. The US also uses economic terrorism to enforce its viewpoint and policies. Indeed, the USA is the greatest exporter of military and economic terrorism in the world. The US is responsible for the ‘invention’ of Islamo-terrorism which ironically eventually turned upon the US itself. The US, through its military action throughout the world (which has killed around 20 million since 1945) has exposed the world population to terroristic counter-attacks. When Al Qaeda attacks the US in anyway, the US Government immediately rounds-up and imprisons thousands of Muslim people deemed ‘suspects’, which are held illegally without trial, and often subjected to torture, etc. With the US unleashing terrorism upon the world, the population of the world has had its collective Human Rights violated by the US Government. This is true of China, just as it is of Cuba and North Korea, as well as the various democratic ‘Socialist’ governments elected in South America (and overthrown through CIA activity). China stands tall and resists this US fascism in the name of the collective Human Rights in the world! 

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