We Must ‘Smash’ Labour’s Anti-Communism! (2019)

The British Labour Party ‘proscribes’ the Communist Party and has done since around 1920. This means that the Labour Party defines the Communist Party as acting in opposition to its aims and objectives. What does this mean? The Labour Party is a bourgeois-left entity that used to embrace the Communist-left, until the British Socialist Party reformed itself into the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1920. The CPGB was promptly ‘expelled’ by the bourgeois leadership of the Labour Party, who secured their dominance of the British Labour Movement by such action. As a consequence, the history of the Labour Party became one of cooperation with the Bourgeois (capitalist) Establishment, and a continuous betrayal of genuine working-class Revolutionary objectives. Where the workers wanted to overthrow capitalism, the Labour Party sought compromises and betrayals. After 1929, whereas the working-class sought Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary action, the Labour Party adopted a Trotskyite viewpoint of tolerating a certain level of racism (provided it was aimed at ‘acceptable’ ethnic groups), and collaborated with the predatory forces of capitalism. Reaction became normal for the Labour Party, (in 1946, acting upon a wave of xenophobic euphoria that swept the nation after Britain’s victory in WWII, the Labour Party scapegoated the British-Chinese population based in the Lime House area of East London, and deported them back to China). The development of the NHS and Welfare State in 1948 by the incumbent Labour Party were copied from the Soviet Union – whilst the Labour Party simultaneously aligned itself with US Cold War Anti-Soviet propaganda and hysteria. Jeremy Corbyn’s betrayal of his own anti-EU principles as leader of the Labour Party saw whole swathes of the British working-class voting ‘Tory’ as a means to secure the UK’s exist from the fascistic and US-dominated European Union (EU). Attempts to ignore, contradict and counter the Brexit Vote by the Labour Party betrayed the collective will of the British working-class and condemned the UK to a potential Tory Government that could last ten, fifteen or even twenty years – giving it ample time to finish off its privatisation of the NHS and Welfare State started in 2012. The Communist Party of Britain (CPB) must seriously reconsider its position of supporting a bourgeois Labour Party and its Trotskyite Unions. Fifteen million people failed to vote in the General Election, whilst only ten million voted Labour. Over fourteen million vote Tory, three million voted LibDems, and around 900,000 voted (collectively) for UKIP and the Brexit Party, etc. This means that over thirty million failed to support the Labour Party and its U-turn against the Brexit Vote. Furthermore, three out of four potential voters ‘rejected’ the reactionary, Trotskyite Socialism of Jeremy Corbyn.  A reactionary Labour Party that demeans the Communist Party and betrayals the British workers must be taught a lesson by the Communist Party and the workers of Britain! We must SMASH Labour’s anti-Communism and exorcise its Trotskyite demons!  

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