America’s Double Standards in Supporting Islamo-Fascist Terrorism in China (2009)

Terrorist Leader Rebiya Kadeer – World Uyghur Congress (2008) 

Rebiya Kadeer (b.1946) directly benefitted from the restructuring of China under the Communist Party. Rebiya Kadeer, as a woman (and a member of an ethnic minority) was uplifted by the Socialist System in China that guarantees ‘equality’ and ‘social mobility’ for women and those suffering other historical disadvantages. Indeed, Rebiya Kadeer participated in the Chinese Government (cooperating with the Communist Party of China), and becoming a very successful business woman in her own right. By the 1990s, Rebiya Kadeer had become a millionaire under the affluence produced in China by the CPC. However, her husband (Sidiq Rouzi), who was operating from the US since 1996 (working for the anti-China and racist Voice of America and Free Radio Asia), had become involved with US-backed Islamo-terrorism, demanded that Rebiya Kadeer use her position in the Chinese Government for her to acquire and transmit ‘sensitive’ information to the US (a hostile government). Rebiya Kadeer was arrested in 1999, expelled from the Communist Party of China and tried for treasonous activates and imprisoned in 2000. She was released in 2005 before fleeing to the United States and openly declaring her support for predatory capitalism, separatist terrorism, and Islamo-fascism. The thinking is that Rebiya Kadeer (and her direct family) were US operatives working in China under deep cover, as part of America’s attempt to undermine China’s Socialist System. She now operates out of the US pursuing exactly the same (illegal) objectives whilst receiving support and protection from the US Government’s Obama Administration. Rebiya Kadeer is now one of the leaders of the Islamo-terrorist group known as the ‘World Uyghur Congress’. 

This is an odd situation as the Xinhua News Agency reported on April 25th (2009) that on April 20th, the US Treasury Department announced that the US Government intended to place economic ‘sanctions’ on the head (Abdul Haq) of the ‘Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement’ (declared a ‘terrorist organisation’ by the UN in 2002). The US Treasury said that Haq had planned a terrorist attack on the Beijing Olympics. According to U.S. Presidential Decree No. 13224, the United States would freeze all material and practical asserts previously used by the US to fund ETIM terrorist activities both inside and outside of China. Chinese Intelligence has subsequently revealed that this is a false-front. The US has been actively working against the Communist Party of China for decades, using every form of deception, under-handedness, terrorism and misrepresentation that can be envisioned by the CIA (and other clandestine organisations). ETIM terrorism is still being openly supported by the Obama Administration despite the above US Government Directive. One tactic is simply to change the names of the various groups, or switch ETIM funding and arms supplies to the ‘World Uyghur Congress’ (aka ‘World Uyghur Youth Congress’) – which passes on supplies to the ETIM with CIA knowledge, approval and assistance. Despite support for Islamo-terrorism, Western groups continue to shower Rebiya Kadeer with numerous ‘peace’ awards, despite the obvious blood on her hands! In the meantime, the Obama Administration has attempted to give the false impression of stamping down on Islamo-terrorism in China, but in reality, has changed how it supports this kind of terrorism in China.  

Interestingly, the US Government funds much of its terrorism in exactly the same manner it orchestrated the recent violence in Hong Kong. According to reports, the US branch of the World Uyghur Society, receives around $200,000 annually in funding from the National Democracy Foundation. The National Democracy Foundation equates fascism with ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ on the grounds that ALL fascist movements are ‘anti-Socialist’ and ‘anti-Communist’. Fascism, of course, supports both predatory capitalism and racism – and it is these two attributes that serve as the central core of the US-fabricated Islamo-fascism. In 2006, the total direct US Government funding for the terrorist ETIM in China was US $ 395,000, which was increased in 2007 to US $ 520,000. The ETIM is a branch of Al Qaeda controlled by Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Sources suggest that the US Government funnels finance and arms to the ETIM through its Al Qaeda contacts. Although the US Government officially opposes Al Qaeda (and US troops continue to fight and die against its terrorists), Hillary Clinton (and others) have confirmed that the US developed Islamo-fascism in Afghanistan during the 1970s, and that this ideology quickly morphed into Al Qaeda and other groupings.  

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