US Holds ETIM Suspects in Guantanamo Bay – Whilst Calling on China to Respect ETIM ‘Human Rights’! (2008)

(Translation & Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

On January 21st, a US Military Guard passed through a particular gate at the US Naval Base prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Behind this gate, it is known that ‘seventeen’ ‘East Turkistan Islamic Movement’ (ETIM) Islamo-terrorists are currently detained on suspiciion of committing (or intending to commit) terrorist acts around the world. AFP

Global Times special correspondent Yin Na (殷娜) reported in the UK that according to the BBC report on August 2nd, an ‘East Turkistan’ organization calling itself the ‘Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement’ (or ‘Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party’) published a video online, calling for the world terrrorist forces associated with Islam to attack targets representing China’s interests worldwide, in retaliation for the Chinese Government’s supposed ‘suppression of the Urumqi riots’. (Source: People’s Daily Online-Global Times)

Two US lawmakers criticized the Bush Administration for ‘allowing representatives of the Chinese Government to interrogate members of the East Turkistan organization – who were technically being held upon US soil – wilst under arrest in a US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, whilst demanding that the ‘Human Rights’ of these ETIM terrorists be ‘respected’ by China, and that these terror-suspects (but no others being held by the US) be released as soon as possible.

Chinese Language Reference:

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