Dad’s Eviction Letter (28.10.2019)

We have fought the good fight against the corrupt of Torbay Council, Torbay Social Services and the Legal System. We have stood proud as working-class people with no resources other than our intelligence, experience, understanding and togetherness. We know that due to Tory-LibDem ‘Austerity’ 120,000 plus vulnerable and disabled people have died in the UK due to Benefit and NHS cuts – whilst thousands go homeless and hungry. We support the UN finding the British Government Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity in 2016 for these killings. My family has been a victim of this ‘Austerity’ which has seen Torbay Council employees and Social Workers breaking the Data Protection Act and colluding with the landlord of my parents (sharing private information without our knowledge or consent)  – so that the Local Court issues an ‘Eviction Order’ to my elderly father (who is wheelchair bound and partly paralysed), to my elderly mother who is disabled a bed-bound, and my sister and brother in law. As my family are known as leftwingers, the Courts have handed the Eviction to a bunch of rightwing thugs from Newton Abbott. We are not afraid as we are on the frontline of British Establishment tyranny. I suspect the thugs carrying-out the Eviction will hurt my parents, but I hope the Police will prevent this – as neither Mum or Dad can walk. We will not respond (and have never acted) with violence, as we have continuously attempted to legally ‘prove’ the correctness of our position and the corruption of Torbay Council, Torbay Social Services and the landlord through the use of logic – but as we are not important people, our efforts have been deliberately ignored. Do not be afraid and do not be worried – the fight for justice will continue! As the forces of tyranny close-in on all sides, we will stand taller and with greater strength as we hold the Red Banner aloft! We are proud to be ordinary! We Love You All!


  1. The country is sick and full of greed, the Revolution will come some day


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