Dismissing the False Narrative of Communist Atrocity


There must be clear dialectical thinking as to the foundation of this essay. We must think clearly, but at no time do we meet the bourgeois historians on a battlefield of their own making. This is the first important point of dialectical assessment – we do not work from the bourgeois narrative as it exists, even though we must be familiar with it and understand its origination, deployment and purpose in motion.  This is like a doctor logically ‘noting’ symptoms in an objective manner, and then making an equally objective diagnosis. Bourgeoise history, regardless of its truth or fiction content, is an illness of mind and body designed by all ruling elites to maintain their own political, religious, social and cultural power in the world. History is about events that may (or may not) have happened in the manner interpreted. As bourgeoise history is invariably ever written by those already in power (and by the winners of wars, etc.), it is flawed as an interpretive method. Considering ordinary people always have out-numbered those who rule, a look through the last two thousand years of European history would give the impression that virtually no ordinary people existed at all, such is their complete exclusion from the general narratives. The only time an ordinary person is mentioned is when such an individual does a great service to the ruling elite – or in the case of the great Wat Tyler – leads a rebellion that almost changed the course of peasant (and working-class) history! The ordinary people may ‘serve’ the ruling elite without question, or be ‘killed’ for daring to resist, confront or question the status quo.  It is interesting to note that often tucked away in the dusty archives of old libraries are manuscripts recording many and numerous massacres of the peasantry by various factions of the ruling elite – and yet this is not an aspect of its history that the Bourgeois Establishments wants to emphasis as it retains control of society from one generation to the next. This pattern continues today, with the International Bourgeoise inflicting death and destruction around the world, and oppression on its various domestic populations. Today, the International Bourgeoisie has to retain its domestic populations for the daily requirements of the exploitative capitalist system, but it has no problems killing millions of non-Europeans around the world as a means to spread its Eurocentric dominance. In short, we do not meet the bourgeoisie on a battlefield of its choosing, as that history misinterprets as it records facts, weaving together a partly correct and partly mythological view of the world. History is a tricky business as three people witnessing the same event will not completely agree on what they just experienced. We ‘reject’ the assertions of bourgeois history with regard to the International Communist Movement committing atrocities because it is flawed, incomplete, bias, illogical, prone to exaggeration, and factual inadequate. 

How then, do we liaise with the bourgeois historical assertion that all Communist regimes carryout widespread murder as a means to secure and perpetuate power? This is a very powerful and emotive argument designed to generate fear amongst the working-classes still living under direct bourgeoise control. The point is to imply that life may not be good under bourgeoise oppression – but the alternative (I.e. under Socialism) is worse! Take a step back from this bourgeois a priori position and observe that the bourgeoisie is projecting onto extant (and future) Communist Movements the dynamics and dimensions of its own (bourgeois) past…  Just as the bourgeoisie has behaved in the past (and continues to behave today), it tells us (rather illogically) that all Communist Movements have behaved (or will behave) in a similar fashion. This misrepresentation of Communist ideology can only work if the working-classes remain deliberately under-educated and do not know or understand that Communist ideology (I.e. Marxist-Leninism) is nothing less than the scientific interpretation of the inner workings of capitalism, and the understanding that the dialectical and unfolding history in the material world inevitably demands the end of capitalism as it transitions into a non-exploitative Socialism. The bourgeoisie interprets Communism incorrectly and compares it with its own destructive history. In a very real way, it must do this as it has no answer to the opposite of the exploitation that defines and sustains its presence in the world. Bourgeois illogicality, however, can only be sustained through a deliberately cultivated ignorance amongst the masses. This is why bourgeois narratives continuously (and falsely) conflate the Soviet Union (an ally of the West during WWII) with Nazi Germany and the crimes of that regime. Its inherent stupidity is presented in the garb of ‘wisdom’ and ‘knowledge’ – a process probably better explained as the cultivation of ‘anti-intellectualism’.  

We reject, therefore. ALL bourgeois claims of Communist atrocities a priori and do not accept this false narrative as a basis for logical and dialectical debate. I make this statement as someone who has examined all such claims from many different historical positions and found them all to be false – or bourgeois sponsored lies acting in the defense of predatory capitalism. Simply making-up ‘facts’ in support of capitalism is not proper history and is a disgrace to even bourgeois academia. Even if the most prominent bourgeois universities perpetuate these lies, it does not make these fictional statements ‘true’. Look for reliable source materials and non-bias histories. Look within Russian or Chinese language sources and a whole new world opens up! Study Alexander Werth or EH Carr for a different version of events but always be on the alert for bourgeois disinformation. My considered view is that there never has been any Communist massacres throughout history – but that Communists and Socialists have always been massacred by the bourgeoise (a mode of behaviour ‘normalized’ within bourgeois discourse). This means that the bourgeois assertion of Communist atrocities is unproven and only receives an apparent credibility from the fake evidence cited to reinforce it. Hollywood films and literate appear to give life to these false narratives and are intended to influence the thinking of the youth in society. None of these narratives are true because they do not correctly interpret the unfolding of dialectical history. It is a mythic history perpetuated by the bourgeoisie that mimics the theistic religion that class favour the most. This replaces the logical assessments of reality with a ‘blind faith’ in a narrative of events that never happened. The workers, moreover, possess the ability to eventually see beyond this bourgeois layer of historical obscuration. Many workers reject this false narrative here and now –even though the tide of opinion seems to be against them! The point is that they are right and the prevailing (manufactured) bourgeois opinion is wrong. Those who see through the stupidity of the bourgeois system, understand that Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin were great working-class leaders – and that the only ‘killing fields’ in Kampuchea existed in the minds of the CIA ideologues and the Hollywood film studios that gave them an apparent reality! Those stuck in the morass of bourgeois misrepresentation will find all this hard to believe – this is exactly the bourgeois intention behind this deception and an indication it is working properly!  


Adrian Chan-Wyles (30.5.2019) 

Torquay – on the day of my 52nd Birthday! 


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