Pope John Paul I and the Crimes of the Roman Catholic Church in Perspective

Western Ukraine – 1941

On June 22nd, 1941, Nazi Germany (and her allies) invaded the USSR. On June 30th, 1941 the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church – Andrey Sheptytsky – blessed the proclamation of the so-called “Ukrainian State”. The third paragraph of its official ‘founding’ document reads:

‘The newly created Ukrainian State will closely cooperate with the National Socialist Movement of Great Germany which – under the leadership of its leader Adolf Hitler – creates a New Order in Europe and the World.’

This is the historical tradition that the Western-backed neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime currently occupying Kiev traces its roots to. It is a combination of anti-Communist Catholic theology, and Hitlerite ideology. I have chosen the supposedly moderate Pope John Paul I to convey just how prolific this anti-Communist thinking is throughout the Catholic world.

Following his election as Pope (in 1978), the supposedly left-leaning Albino Luciani (i.e. ‘Pope John Paul I) made the following anti-modern, anti-science and anti-Communist ‘acceptance’ speech delivered to the world’s media:

‘The world awaits this today; it knows well that the sublime perfection it has attained by research and technology has already reached a peak, beyond which yawns the abyss, blinding the eyes with darkness. It is the temptation of substituting for God one’s own decisions, decisions that would prescind from moral laws. The danger for modern man is that he would reduce the earth to a desert, the person to an automaton, brotherly love to planned collectivization, often introducing death where God wishes life.’

(In God’s Name: By David Yallop (2012) Kindle Edition, loc 1774)

The problem with this acceptance speech by Albino Luciani is that despite him being considered centre-left in his political views, he is obviously is not a Socialist or Communist in the Marxist-Leninist sense, and consequently delivered a typical anti-Soviet discourse very much in line with US Cold War disinformation. For a Pope in waiting, of course, this is a clear example of Vatican lying, as Albino Luciani perpetuates the ahistorical myth (within a very carefully crafted script) that ‘Collectivisation’ in the USSR led to death and misery, rather than alluding to the reality that it ushered in a golden age of Soviet growth, Socialist accomplishment and a great improvement in the living standards of the Soviet populace (with this new air of confidence represented in the 1936 Constitution of the USSR, lauded by many as one of the greatest and most empowering legal documents ever written). None of this matters to Albino Luciani as the ‘truth’ within the Vatican amounts to that manipulation of facts required to maintain and retain Roman Catholic power and wealth in the world from the encroachment of secular logic and scientific reason. He, for instance, whilst pursuing the false narrative of Vatican history, fails to mention that the Church he supports, represents and will soon lead, was responsible for an estimated 10 million deaths throughout Europe and the world between 1000CE – 2000 CE. These deaths were the consequence of the various and continues pogroms decreed and carried-out by the Roman Catholic Church against non-Christians of various descriptions (including Jews, pagans, heathens and others, etc), and secularists and Christians of the wrong ideological leaning. Furthermore, (and perhaps more poignant in the case of the soon to be ‘Pope’), Albino Luciani omits completely that during the 20th century Pope Pius XI (ruled 1922-1939), and Pope Pius XII (ruled 1939-1958) aligned the Roman Catholic Church with Fascist Italy, (The foundaion for this collaboration with fascism was laid by Pope Pius IX). Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Across the Catholic world the Vatican Authorities encouraged ‘good’ Catholic men to join any and all ‘fascist’ organisations and rightwing military formations as a means to a) fight the influence of Soviet Communism throughout the world, and b) when the time came, actively assist the reactionary forces of international fascism in its planned (direct) attack upon the Soviet homeland.

In return for this ecclesiastical support, the fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini bestowed the status of ‘Independent State’ upon the Vatican City (in 1929), confirming the Pope as an ‘absolute’ monarch in charge of a worldwide banking system (controlled by the Vatican Bank). This move meant that Vatican behaviour in the world (both fiscal and theological) became a matter of diplomatic procedure rather than the quirks of a pre-modern system of thought desperately trying to maintain influence in the world. When investigated for ‘fraud’ in the 1970’s, the FBI had to treat the Vatican Bank not as a potential criminal organisation, but rather as a ‘Nation State’ subject to all the protections such a status implied. However, throughout the 1920’s and early 1930’s, the Vatican supported the imperialist (military) actions of Fascist Italy in Africa (which led to the deaths of tens of thousands). During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) the Vatican supported the fascist General Franco (an ally of Hitler and Mussolini), which also lead to the death of tens of thousands, as well as the death of democracy within Spain. Devout Catholics from across the world were encouraged to join Franco’s fascists in opposition to the Socialist ‘International Brigades’ recruited by the world-wide Communist Party and funded by the USSR. Assisted by the Vatican, Franco eventually prevailed and would remain in power until the late 1970’s! From 1933 to 1945, the Vatican openly supported the fascist regime of Hitler within Germany. Around 800,000 Germans were executed for resisting Hitler within Germany, whilst 11 million died in the Holocaust (which included 6 million Jews, and 5 million Communists, Roma, homosexuals, the disabled and anyone termed racially or morally inferior). The Vatican knew of this policy and as a Church openly endorsed and supported it (despite a minority individual Catholics raising protests). Despite being born in 1912 (and a Catholic priest throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s), there are no records of Albino Luciani protesting (or even ‘acknowledging’) this pro-fascist Vatican policy.

When the Nazi German military invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, the Vatican was fully in favour in the destruction of the USSR and its Marxist regime. Just prior to this, the exiled Trotsky had called upon all his followers (in 1938) to join forces with the Catholic Church and the forces of international fascism in an attack upon the USSR. Trotsky also called upon Soviet Citizens (and anyone holding religionist views) to rise-up within the USSR and commit acts of terrorism against the regime as a means of weakening the Soviet infrastructure and assist any external attack. The Nazi Germans were assisted in their invasion of the USSR by the fascist militaries of Romania, Hungary, Finland, Croatia and the Slovak Republic, with the blessings of the Vatican carried into Soviet territory by the military of Mussolini’s Italian forces. Many of these Catholic-friendly militaries were buttressed by thousands of devout followers of Rome from around the world. These combined forces of international fascism and Roman Catholic fervour murdered between 27 – 40 million Soviet men, women and children. Modern multifaceted academic investigation within Russia, studying primarily natural and artificial population decline during the early to mid-1940’s, suggest a figure of around 34.9 million Soviet deaths. This figure is conservative and must be viewed in context, as Soviet military deaths – as terrible as they were – amounted to 5 – 7 million casualties (including dead and wounded). This means that the vast majority of Soviet deaths were civilians deliberately targeted by the fascist (and Catholic) invaders for being ‘Communists’, ‘atheists’ and of ‘inferior’ racial stock. Indeed, some of the worse examples of the Holocaust were committed against the Soviet population of the Ukraine (aided and abetted by a minority of Western Ukrainians the descendents of which now run the Western-backed neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime in Kiev). In 1945, Pope Pius XII personally sent a message to Winston Churchill requesting his help in rescuing 10,000 ‘devout’ and ‘loyal’ Ukrainian Catholics (who had formed part of a Nazi German-led SS Extermination Regiment in the Ukraine) from the danger of the Soviet Justice System (for their crimes of killing hundreds of thousands). Churchill agreed and had these Ukrainians quietly imported into Scotland where their cover-story was that they were peace-loving Polish refugees.

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