Italian Fascism: Licio Gelli and the ‘Raggruppamento Gelli – P2’ Freemason’s Lodge (23.11.2018)

He collaborated with the Nazi Germans during WWII with the extent of his crimes not being clearly known. After the war (in 1946) he founded the neo-fascist ‘Italian Social Movement (MSI)’ under the noses of the occupying powers. He was a CIA Ooperative, a Vatican Banker and a double-agent against the Soviet Union. He was responsible for one of the biggest (Vatican) banking frauds in Italian history, and the arming of rightwing regimes in Argentina (he supplied the Exocet Missiles that sank British ships). He founded the notorious Freemasonry Lodge named ‘Raggruppamento Gelli – P2’ – (with ‘P2’ standing for ‘Propaganda 2’) – this is omitted from his Wikipage. Through this he attracted leading police and military personalities, as well as rich businessmen, influential politicians and important celebrities. As a far-rightwinger – Gelli had a plan to keep Italy rightwing – and should the population democratically ‘vote’ in a Communist Government – he would lead a rightwing coup and take power. Gelli was of the opinion that the Western (capitalist) democracies would not interfere with this illegal seizure of power – and suspect he was right.