A Message to Bourgeois (Capitalist-Supporting) Academics – Do Not ‘Steal’ My Work to Further Your Ignorance


This blog exists to counter the inverted thinking that defines the privileged tradition that you have been born into and broughtup within. It is a space for Scientific Socialism that opposes US neo-imperialism (and its allies), US neo-colonialism (and its allies) and US anti-intellectualism disguised as ‘progressive thought’. Your tradition supports (a priori) the auspices of predatory (monopoly) capitalism and the injustices and inequalities existent therein. The way you use established ‘facts’ is corrupt, dependent upon profit and debilitating to humanity to such an extent that you are unable to perceive or understand the deficiencies of the your own thinking, and the destructive (and unequal) nature of the system that has produced you, and which you support by distorting ‘facts’ to fit your moribund (and inverted) interpretation of reality. In the capitalist West you already control the academic system, media and political process, even though yours is a minority class of White privilege. Your country is riddled with poverty and inequality generated by the capitalist system, but which is incorrectly presented as being the ‘fault’ of its victims. You use the ignorance of religion, and the fallacies of pseudo-science and superstition to keep the populace ‘stupid’ and unable to comprehend their own plight. You use racism to maintain White power and keep the non-White populations from truly exerted themselves in a non-White cultural expression. Your notion of multiculturalism is that of the demand that all non-White people ‘conform’ to the norms of White stupidity and class distinction, so that their cultural distinctiveness (and associated ‘difference’ in thinking) is slowly watered-down and extinguished. An example of this kind of bourgeois neo-imperialism may be observed by studying the US colony of Taiwan where young ‘Chinese’ people are being slowly brain-washed into accepting the US racist culture that persecuted their ancestors.

A recent estimate puts the death toll from US neo-imperialist (military) activity since WWII as being around 25 million killed. This is a brutal capitalist regime that has demonised the Soviet Union and continues to misrepresent Communist China and threaten North Korea. It is not Socialism that is the problem, but the associated violence and brutality inherent within the predatory capitalism of the US system (and its allies). This type of disfigurement of humanity even extended to President Barack Obama who participated in establishing the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime in Western Ukraine simply because its adherents profess anti-Russian racist attitudes. This new danger to humanity (akin to Zionist Israel) continues to brutalise the people of the Ukraine with the full support of the UK and EU. This is the insanity of greed and the constant search for new markets and the profits the capitalist system generates from continues warfare around the world. The workers of the US need to organise, consolidate, rise-up and seize power from the bourgeoisie and bring an end to this US reign of terror which holds the populations of the world hostage to fear. This is why I will not allow my truly progressive articles (that expose this madness) to be used by those who perpetuate this madness in their academic work. If you want to continue to spread your ignorance around the world do your own academic research and do not ‘steal’ my work. I refuse to allow you to quote my blog through ‘ping backs’ or authorised quotes. I detest your system of thought and will not cooperate with it in anyway. Your time of dominance on this planet is coming to an end.

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