Vatican Condemns Almighty God Church Cult (18.8.2013)

Almighty God Church in Taiwan

(Translation and Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The Vatican’s ‘Faith News Agency’ has issued a report condemning the Almighty God Church Cult, whilst exposing its lack of genuine ‘Christian’ theology, and its participation in all kinds of violence (and other criminal activities). The Almighty God Church Cult pursues a deliberate policy of attacking the institutions and memberships of all the mainstream Churches, and considers it a success if Christians become confused about what they believe, or turn with aggression and violence upon one another. Also known as ‘Eastern Lightning’, this cult targets Catholic leaders (through extortion and blackmail), and threatens its converts with violence or death should they try to leave. This involves psychological and physical torture, as well as threats of kidnap and violence toward relatives.

Eastern lightning has spread into Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan (places of intense historical Western domination), and even outside of China, leaving genuine Chinese Christians fighting to retain their correct theological pathway and self-determination. This has led to many genuine Chinese groups to issue statements to their followers about being on the alert against the presence of the Almighty God Church Cult. The Hong Kong press has reported local (genuine) Christians discussing the news that the head of the Almighty Church Cult on the island has received offers of funding from the US (Obama) Government to establish a radio station for broadcasting Eastern Lightning propaganda far and wide.  This is a significant event, as the US is contradicting the true Christian Authorities in the world by backing a dangerous religious cult simply because it strives to ‘Destroy the “Red Dragon” (i.e. ‘Communist Party’) and build the Church of Almighty God’ in its place! Although founded in the early 1990’s in Henan, Eastern Lightning believes that Jesus Christ has been re-born in the body of Yang Xiangbai – the wife of cult-founder Zhao Weishan – it has originally (locally) banned in 1991, before being banned nationwide in China in 1995. Its false propaganda has had some limited success amongst the vulnerable and the poorly educated, but has also deceived a small number of educated people. All converts must sign away their wealth and property to the cult leaders, and allow those leaders to make use of their bodies in any way they see fit. Not only has this cult got nothing to do with genuine Christianity, but its leaders prefer girls, and young women which are used for sexual abuse purposes. Do not support this cult and be on the lookout for those who have been taken-in and need rescuing.

Chinese Language Source Article:

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