Liam Neeson Supports Polish Neo-Nazism and US Anti-Intellectualism!


‘On August 15th, we mark the Battle of Warsaw and the Free World’s First Major Victory Over Communism’

Liam Neeson – Video Supporting Polish Neo-Nazism

Liam Neeson Narrates Polish Fascism and Fake History Video

The Russian Civil War is usually dated 1918-1921 (sometimes 1917-1922), but is a euphemism for an international military invasion of sovereign Russian territory led by the UK and the US, with the expressed purpose of destroying the Russian Revolution and reinstating the Czar back on the throne. This action saw the imperialist powers of the world combine in an attempt to destroy the working class ‘Soviet’ Revolution and place the aristocracy and bourgeoisie firmly back into control. The fledgling Red Army suffered numerous defeats before its true spirit began to shine through. Prior to 1920 there were numerous battles between the Whites and the Reds, and there continued to be battles after this date. However, as the White forces began to fall apart and the Red Army became stronger, the invading powers started to retreat from Russia in a disorganised withdrawal. Part of this withdrawal was through what is today called ‘Poland’ in 1920. This event had no other significance than the continued defeat of the Whites by Lenin. In-short, there was no ‘Battle of Warsaw’ in 1920, at least known that saw any type of victory for an imaginary Poland – the Red Army simply ‘stopped’ when there was no further point in advancing. This article exposes the lies perpetuated by the neo-Nazis in modern Poland, lies which the obviously idiotic Liam Neeson as seen fit broadcast as if true. As EH Carr – in his brilliant ‘The Bolshevik Revolution’ – points out, the ‘Civil War’ in Russia was effectively over by autumn, 1920, with all so-called ‘entente’ powers suffering military defeats and hastily withdrawing their forces from Russia. Liam Neeson – like the Polish neo-Nazism he represents – is attempting to turn a decisive and justified defeat (and disorganised retreat through what is now ‘Poland’) into a noble ‘last stand’ and ‘final victory’ for capitalism and degenerate fascism. I think he is confusing the scripts for his fictitious action movies with real history. This is not to say that this type of ignorance does not have a certain ‘currency’ even amongst the academic trends that define the American anti-intellectual tradition, but if you read EH Carr, Alexander Werth, Andrew Alexander or any number of reputable Western historians (a list that must include Grover Furr), you will gain a correct historical understanding of the epoch concerned, and the utter hateful lunacy that Liam Neeson and Polish neo-Nazism movement truly represent. After-all, as a British person, I am lucky to live in a country that has a very popular Soviet War Memorial in London. This article is a tribute to the millions of Red Army soldiers who died during the 20th century, defending humanity and working class freedom! Never forget that Liam Neeson is a class enemy and a class traitor.

I was shown the above video today and was mildly astonished to learn that Irish-American actor Liam Neeson has provided an ‘ahistorical’ narrative to a new YouTube video produced by a revisionist, rightwing Polish outfit, which is reflective of modern Poland’s lurch back toward neo-Nazism. Liam Neeson, a Catholic born in the British colony of Northern Ireland must surely know about Irish Socialism, even if it is true that the majority of Ireland earned freedom from Britain before the Roman Catholic Church firmly associated itself with Italian fascism and later, German Nazism (professing a rabid anti-Communism in the process). Neeson narrates this disturbing fascistic video very much like he is reading a script from one of his violent action movies, As Americans (and more recently many Polish) can nolonger distinguish historical fact from historical fiction, hiring an actor who has made his name through violent films extolled by the political rightwing, is an act designed to give credibility to intensified fake history and disinformation – particularly in the Trump Era – which has seen racism legitimized within mainstream political rhetoric and policy.

In this extraordinary video which is being distributed as an advert anyone can see across YouTube, Liam Neeson is firmly stating his anti-Socialist, anti-Communist, anti-working class and RACIST political beliefs, and he is doing this in a manner typical of Hollywood fake history, false narrative, and distorted discourse. All this false information and fiction is presented with all the gusto of a prolific victory speech, but in reality, the words used and the concepts conveyed have no academic validity beyond the rightwing imagination of the original scriptwriter. Briefly rectified, in 1918, the US, UK and German armed forces – although still engaged in a bloody imperialist war against one anothr in Western Europe – unbelievably ‘united’ together with the armed forces of eleven other countries and ‘invaded’ Revolutionary Russia in an attempt to kill Lenin, crush Socialism, and restore to power the Russian royal family and the Russian Orthodox Church. These White Russian forces raped and pillaged their way across Russia (the British carried-out a massacre at Baku), and initially overran a very inexperienced and new Red Army (built on the remains of the old imperialist army). This was an illegal and aggressive act encouraged by Britain’s Winston Churchill, but generally supported by the imperialist powers (including Japan). The atrocities and brutality exhibited by the invading forces drove the ordinary peasants to support Lenin and join the Red Army, and this process of Revolutionary fervour eventually led to the Red Army pushing out the invading militaries of the fourteen countries, and Lenin granting Poland and Finland ‘independence’ from Revolutionary Russia (the Soviet Union was not formed until late 1922). There was no Battle of Warsaw in 1920, and no ‘defeat’ of the Red Army – this is part of the new wave of US-supported neo-Nazism throughout Eastern Europe that seeks to justify the Holocaust (11 million deaths) and the genocidal invasion of the USSR (40 million), both acts perpetuated by Nazi Germany. In China between 1931-1945, it is estimated that 60 million died fighting Japanese fascism and US-backed Nationalism (still existent on the island of Taiwan). In this ‘new’ model the Nazis are presented as ‘heroes’ that fought ‘Communism’ – with their genocidal history quietly moved out of sight.

What Liam Neeson (and the neo-Nazi Polish) are doing, is turning the complete rout and total defeat of the White Russian military forces as they fled for their lives through the territory of what is now considered ‘Poland’ (but which was then part of Russia in 1920), as a military victory earned by the sovereign State of Poland over the USSR – two geographical and political entities that did not yet exist at the time of this supposed ‘battle’! Such is the strange world of US-backed neo-Nazism in Eastern Europe, which is very much part of the ongoing American anti-intellectualism project, which cares nothing for objective historical fact, but which seeks to protect and perpetuate the socio-economic system of predatory capitalism. In this false version of reality, Liam Neeson is supporting Polish neo-Nazism and attempting to re-write history by absolving the Nazis from all historical blame for the extensive deaths that their deliberate policies of genocide have generated, and shift that blame onto the Soviet Communists – the only ideology and political system that did not, at any point in its history – support or collaborate with fascism or Nazism. The same cannot be said for Poland, because as soon as Lenin granted that area of Russia its independence, the Western capitalists ensured that a rightwing government came to power that crushed all Polish workers’ movement that wanted to unite with Soviet Union against Western capitalism. It was exactly the same situation with Finland. Poland became independent from Russia not because of any great (or ‘imagined’) victories on the battlefield, but rather because Lenin thought it prudent to break-up the old Russian empire and let the ordinary people chose for themselves. Unfortunately, the workers in Poland were betrayed by the West, and Liam Neeson continues this tradition of stupidity over knowledge in his ludicrous (above) narrative!

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