When Neo-Nazis are Presented as ‘Freedom Fighters’!


We live in an era of anti-Russian hysteria, which I would describe as a form of racism (i.e. ‘anti-Slav). The capitalist West needs to maintain a huge military industrial complex as part of its privileging the middle class by keeping expenditure up and common sense down. Whilst Welfare and medical care are cut and the poor and the vulnerable demonised, there is plenty of money to generate false paradigms, manipulate the media, silence opposition, rig elections, pollute academia, and fabricate nationalist hysteria in favour of war. Russia, although capitalist since around 1991, has resisted the implementation of a Rothschilds central back, and so is acting ‘independent’ of the world capitalist system as dominated and controlled by the US (and EU). Russia remains a closed-off and independent market with a very popular Communist Party (usually taking at least one-third of the Duma seats). Without a Rothschilds central bank in Moscow, the US cannot directly manipulate what is happening in Russia. This problematic for two reasons, with the first being that Russia can (and is) developing its own capitalist economy that could in theory result in a resurgent Russia across the globe that challenges and perhaps even replaces the US as the dominant world power. The other problem for the US is that the Russian people could elect the Communist Party into power, and this might lead to a re-formation of the Soviet Union throughout the region, perhaps even unbanning the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. It is obvious from this analysis that the US (and EU) want a war with Russia so that her independence can be taken away. It is unlikely that the West would win a war with Russia, but if it did, Russia would become just another part of the European Union (EU) – directly controlled from Washington via Berlin. As with Pearl Harbour and the Gulf of Tonkin, the US wants to fabricate a ‘false flag’ attack either from Russia or any of her perceived allies. Once tis ‘false flag’ has suitably been initiated, then the US will gather a nationalistic consensus, whereby the West agrees to attack Russia ‘in self-defence’. One of the most obvious provocation by the US is that of encouraging, financing and arming far-right neo-Nazi groups operating across Eastern Europe. This has led to rigged elections bringing fascists into power, or in the case of the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime of Western Ukraine, the US (EU and UK) sponsored an armed coup. Any and all Eastern European resistance to this Western-backed neo-Nazism is presented in the Western media as the deranged actions of President Putin. What a bizarre twist of events (and history), whereby the West considers it noble to support neo-Nazism, and a criminal act to be an anti-fascist!

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