When the Conformist Revolutionaries Come to Town!

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Anyone who mindlessly regurgitates the bourgeois propaganda is not a Revolutionary, on the contrary, they are a reactionary. Regardless of how they view themselves, the world interprets their behaviour as ‘conformist’ and ‘conservative’ in nature. This is a classic reactionary attempt to mimic the lifestyle of a genuine Revolutionary. Their task is to infiltrate the ranks of the truly Revolutionary, and attack the ideological basis of that movement, watering it down with a disguised bourgeois rhetoric that is designed to seep into the minds of all those present, and spread doubt and indecision. The conformist Revolutionary exists very much as a parasitic invader of the politics of the left. Such a despicable individual seeks to propagate the racism of the bourgeoisie right into the heart of the Internationalist Movement. of the left This strategy, when successful, separates the International Working Class into competing (bourgeois) national entities that are limited in scope and self-serving in function. The conformist Revolutionary will espouse a vaguely ‘leftist’ rhetoric as he or she seeks – not to ‘unite’ with humanity – but rather drive a permanent wedge into the structure of its collectivity. Fear and ignorance are the two major weapons which are deployed through a mixture of racism, misrepresentation of history, and an indifference to the suffering of humanity. These types of people abound on the left because that is the preferred destination for the destructive mission they are on. Whereas conventional terrorists use arbitrary death and destruction to violently make their dubious political points, the conformist Revolutionary uses a terrorism of a different sort. This type of terrorism does not involve aeroplanes flying into buildings on prime time TV, but is subtle and operates through intrigue and misrepresentation. Whilst presenting themselves as Socialists or Communists, the conformist Revolutionary casually drops into everyday conversation that ALL Socialist and Communist leaders in the past were ‘mass murderers’, and that Socialism or Communism is an ideology of imprisonment and impoverishment. This information is relayed into the ears of those deemed sufficiently weak in education and stability of opinion, so that hesitancy and indecision are the natural responses. The casualness of these indoctrinating moments add a further false air of spontaneity to proceedings, as if trust as been built through sharing a great secret. This entire performance has the intention of shifting the mind-set of those involved toward the right, and is very much the policy deliberately employed by the Trotskyites and that Alt Right. It is also a habit of expression inadvertently employed by ordinary people who do not understand the teachings of Marx, and who still operate through an ‘inverted mind-set’. These people might be overly influenced by theistic religion, or simply brain-washed by the Bourgeois education and media. Conformist Revolutionaries are easy to spot. They state (without any reliable evidence) that Mao and Stalin were tyrants and mass killers, and that Hitler was a very maligned and misunderstood world leader (conformist Revolutionaries, whilst having no time for Marx or Lenin, nevertheless are perfectly willing to entertain the thought that Hitler might have been ‘innocent’ of the crimes he committed). Let me put it another way, there is no objective historical evidence to support the US Cold War lie that Mao or Stalin were mass killers (simply because they did not support predatory capitalism). On the contrary, there is masses of evidence to the contrary. However, should you be a leftist who thinks that Mao or Stalin were tyrannical mass killers, then you are undoubtedly a ‘conformist Revolutionary’ and a bourgeois stooge, and I am glad we have had this conversation…

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