Daoist Priests (from China) March in Russian Military Parade!

This video doesn’t exist

This is an extract taken from the Russian language video entitled ‘Спасская башня 2017.Шествие участников’, which translates as ‘Spasskaya Tower 2017 – The procession of participants’. This was the Kremlin Military Tattoo for 2017 which involved many different military units from around the world (although generally excluding the fascist-supporting West). For reasons not stated, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) sent a troupe of (male and female) Daoist Priests who collectively performed extracts from a ‘Fighting Fan’ Form as they marched through the streets. It is a remarkable demonstration and underlines the close relationship China now has with Russia. The Daoist martial arts emphasis gentleness as a means to over-come strength, and relaxation as a means to counter-act tension. Even the marching is ‘natural’ and lacks the formality usually expected of ‘military’ movement. Throughout its long history (both ancient and modern), China has inflicted scathing military defeats upon its enemies employing these tactics (particularly during the Korean War). Finally, nothing is fabricated or forced with Daoist martial arts – as all movements accord with nature and its timely regulation and manifestation. Daoist martial arts prevail because its adherents abandon all notions of selfishness and ego.

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