The Myth of Labour – Corbyn Revealed as a Duplicitous Trotskyite!


The Labour Party ousted its Marxist-Leninist ideologues around 1921 – when the British Socialist Party reformed as the Communist Party of Great Britain. Between 1921 and 1929, the Labour Party pursued a confused mixture of bourgeois leftism, utopian socialism, trade unionism, and the odd individual who professed Marxist leanings. Following Trotsky’s expulsion from the USSR in 1929, and his subsequent betrayal of the Marxist-Leninist cause, te Labour Party felt compelled to align itself with an anti-Soviet Trotskyism, whilst campaigning in the UK for various reforms here and there. With the Labour Party’s expulsion of its Communists in 1921, the idea of a Revolution in Britain was also abandoned. A confusion often appears due to the beliefs and commitments of certain pre-WWII Labour Members (with a small number of Labour MPs implying they were Communists), but the Labour Party proper had been taken over by the left-leaning White bourgeoisie, and that is where it remains today. If there is any doubt about Labour’s committment to its anti-Communist stance, then look no further than its rules and regulations which clearly forbid any potential Labour Members being Members of the Communist Party. This leads to the next logical question of how can the Labour Party be considered ‘Socialist’ when it obviously rejects the Scientific Socialism of Marx and Engels? It cannot. The reason anyone thinks it is Socialist is because of its dalliance with Trotskyism which deceitfully refers to its bourgeois deviation as ‘Socialism’. This is why a long list of Labour leaders have behaved in a thoroughly bourgeois manner that contradicts the rights and the well-being of the workers, and explains why Jeremy Corbyn today sided with a rightwing Theresa May, and demonstrated his support for Try anti-Slavic and anti-Russian racism. He and his ilk can do this because he is not a Socialist and is not hindered by such Marxist-Leninist concepts as ‘Internationalism’. In fact, today Jeremy Corbyn broke cover and revealed his true Trotskyite colours! Long live Russia! Long live the Soviet Union!

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