War with Russia is a War for US Capitalism!


The US capitalists want to establish a Rothschild’s central bank in Russia, and open Russia up to world exploitation. Only when the Slavic people are totally impoverished and enslaved through Western-controlled capitalism, will America declare Russia truly ‘free’! If the UK or EU goes to war for the US against Russia, it will be an imperialist war of aggression and colonisation – but there is no guarantee that the West will win such an engagement. The question we ave to ask ourselves is whether or not we want to sacrifice the lives of our children for the greed and terrorism of the United States? The Soviet Union was not my enemy, and modern Russia has done nothing to me. The recklessness and destructive greed of the United States has made the world a far more dangerous place to live since WWII, despite its defeats in China, Korea and Vietnam. Only a lunatic would want war. What we must do is use wisdom and compassion to see through the delusion being generated by the Tories in the UK and the US government, and attempt to defuse each artificial drive toward war.  Be aware that our media is being used by the capitalist governments to lie to us and make us feel hateful toward Russia – this is the process of manufacturing consent. Do not be fooled. Today, China news has reported that government forces in Syria have captured a rebel chemical weapons lab. These are the rebel forces in the West backed by the US, UK and EU!

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