The Post-Materialist Agenda


Too much attention is paid to talking around this topic, rather han piercing its heart from the outset. Post-Materialist ‘Science’ is, of course, nothing of the kind. Yes, it is associated with legitimate science simply by the fact that many of its most prominent advocates have a background in mainstream academia, but have deviated ‘off message’ for whatever reason. Post-Materialist ‘Science’ has a very clear agenda that does not take pages and pages of analysis to reveal and establish. It is essentially a White, middle class (and ‘male’) phenomenon that seeks to undermine the primacy of materially based science and the empirical scientific method, and replace it instead with a science led by ‘theology’ (another male dominated tradition). The very same Judeo-Christian theology that was ‘politicised’ and used to rule Europe for over a thousand years, that killed millions, suppressed logical science and kept humanity in a psychological and physical state of arrested development. How is this agenda to be achieved? There is a cabal of pseudo-scientists who are deliberately misrepresenting material science, and stating that the brain is a receptor that receives ‘consciousness’ as if it where transmitted from some distant place to here. This is completely bizarre and unfounded. consciousness emerges from the brain, and ceases to ’emerge’ when the brain nolonger functions. Waves of consciousness do not travel through the universe as a separate and distinct category, and the brain is not an aerial. Once the idea of the brain is established as ‘receiving’ consciousness rather than ‘generating’ consciousness, then it is just a matter of ascribing consciousness to an unseen god, and the destruction of modern science will be complete.

The term ‘Post-Materialist’ is, of course, misleading. It seems to have arisen in 1977 through the work of Ronald Inglehart, particularly in relation to his book entitled ‘The Silent Revolution’. Inglehart states that in post-WWII affluent societies, (by which he means the US), those living lives possessing ample resources with access to all the benefits of a rich industrialised society, inevitably develop psychological interests that take this material security for granted, and emphasis spirituality and other equally ethereal concepts. Bear in mind that this model applies only to rich, who possess ample wealth and a corresponding life full of leisure. Their bodies are freed from the strains of hard labour, and their minds are able to entertain other-worldly ideas that seek to justify this affluence not upon hard work and the accumulation of wealth (not to mention the exploitation of the working class), but rather upon the ‘blessing’ of some unseen theistic entity. The White middle class are ‘blessed’ by a god construct who has ‘decreed’ their affluence from afar, and ennobled their station in life so that it is assumed to be ‘divine’ in nature, and not of this Earth. This is the mythology of the White middle class.

In this context, the term ‘Post-Materialist’ refers to an assumed attitude developed by the White middle class. So far so good. However, the way it is used by people such as Gary Schwartz, Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake, is to falsely assume that matter – the basic substance of the experiential universe – has been ‘transcended’ and that a ‘new’ substance defining reality has been discovered. This is untrue. Matter formed the physical universe yesterday, it forms the physical universe today, and it will form the physical universe tomorrow. This is true regardless as to whether the matter is ‘shining’ or ‘dark’, and is valid even if dark energy is busy transforming itself into new segments of empty space. Material science studies matter – end of story. Human understanding of the universe will come from the penetrating of matter with insight and understanding, and not from returning humanity to the ignorance of a medieval theology. If minds can communicate with one another without physical contact, this must be proven through rigorous ‘material’ scientific research and in no other way. Finally, it is interesting to note that within Buddhist philosophy, consciousness only exists only as long as a sense object is in contact with a sense organ. At the point of physical death, all consciousness ceases for the Buddha. This model is more compatible with modern, material science, and might explain why most these ‘Post-Materialist’ adherents have a distinct dislike of Buddhist thinking. The following is a video which presents the type of sophistry the ‘Post-Materialists’ employ to deceive themselves and their audiences:

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