Soviet Ukraine: Nazi Germans Murder the Last Slavic Jew in Vinnytsia (25.8.1942)

a zhang1

Many of you may have seen this photograph many times, but remain unaware of its exact meaning. The place is Vinnytsia in West-Central Ukraine. This is a Soviet Citizen being murdered by the occupying Nazi German ‘Einsatzgruppen’ or ‘Special Duty’ detachments. He is one of millions of men, women and children murdered during the Hitlerite invasion of the USSR, but why did the Nazi Germans make this photograph. Listen carefully. This man was believed by the Nazi Germans to be the LAST Soviet Citizen of Jewish-descent to come from Vinnytsia – the Germans having murdered all the others previously. This photograph was taken to record the ‘eradication’ of the last Slavic Jews from this particular part of the Ukraine. Ironically, there was a small number of Ukrainian fascists who betrayed the Soviet People and assisted the Nazi Germans to commit these Crimes Against Humanity. the descendents of these Ukrainian fascists now form the Western-backed neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ government currently operating out of Western Ukraine.

Russian Language Reference:

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