Rightwing and Anti-Russia Agenda of ‘StopFake.org’



StopFake.org is a fairly obvious rightwing attempt in the West to manufacture support for the ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime currently active in Western Ukraine. It pursues an anti-Russian agenda and is responsible for generating ‘disinformation’ disguised as unmasking ‘fake’ news. It strives to protect neo-Nazi Western Ukraine by attempting to down-play news articles that reveal the fascist nature of this regime, but never addresses the ‘fake’ nature of news article written in the West that ‘deny’ the ‘Maidan’ regime is neo-Nazi. obviously, for ‘StopFake.org’, the apparent ‘revealing’ of fake news is a one-way street, favouring the rightwing over the leftwing. This is a pro neo-Nazi site very much hidden in plain view, which attempts to mislead the public through its self-proclaimed sense of self-righteous morality – as if it has the public interest at heart. Its articles need to be assessed and debunked as rightwing propaganda disguised as mainstream ‘liberal’ commentary, when it is nothing of the kind. Whilst attempting to reduce all Nazi German swastikas flown in Maidan Ukraine to films made in the Ukraine that depict the Nazi German occupation of the USSR during WWII, ‘StopFake.org’ says nothing about these films ‘glorifying’ this terrible event in history, or that many citizens of Maidan Ukraine openly fly Nazi German swastikas or the modern Maidan equivalent. This is because those nefarious individuals behind ‘StopFake.org’ know full well that support for German Nazism in the West is a touchy subject at best, and if the general public truly understood the nature of the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime, protests could bring-down the US and UK governments and cause discontent throughout the EU. StopFake,org, through its actions, wants to protect neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Ukraine, but does not want the truth about that fascist regime spreading throughout Europe or the US – as this would undermine diplomatic support, as well as financial and military aid. Of course, ‘StopFake.org’ is absolutely ‘silent’ about the massacres committed by ‘Maidan’ supporters against Ukrainian Socialists. Use critical thought against this website and think clearly for yourselves.

Soviet Ukraine: Nazi Germans Murder the Last Slavic Jew in Vinnytsia (25.8.1942)

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Many of you may have seen this photograph many times, but remain unaware of its exact meaning. The place is Vinnytsia in West-Central Ukraine. This is a Soviet Citizen being murdered by the occupying Nazi German ‘Einsatzgruppen’ or ‘Special Duty’ detachments. He is one of millions of men, women and children murdered during the Hitlerite invasion of the USSR, but why did the Nazi Germans make this photograph. Listen carefully. This man was believed by the Nazi Germans to be the LAST Soviet Citizen of Jewish-descent to come from Vinnytsia – the Germans having murdered all the others previously. This photograph was taken to record the ‘eradication’ of the last Slavic Jews from this particular part of the Ukraine. Ironically, there was a small number of Ukrainian fascists who betrayed the Soviet People and assisted the Nazi Germans to commit these Crimes Against Humanity. the descendents of these Ukrainian fascists now form the Western-backed neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ government currently operating out of Western Ukraine.

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