Photographs of Historical and Contemporary Tyrants Enjoying Themselves!

However, this article must not be confined to the usual culprits of bourgeois crime, but must be extended to include the breath-taking array of mass murderers elected into office by the middle class populations of capitalist countries. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does also include unelected dictators and corrupt religious figures courted by capitalist politicians for nefarious ends. 

National Day of Action Against Neo-Nazi Ukraine (10.2.2018)

SInce coming to power during the Euromaidan protests at the beginning of 2014 the EU-US-NATO backed fascist junta in Ukraine has vicously oppressed and murdered communists, trade unionists and democrats throughout Ukraine. With the full backing of the British and other NATO powers the Kiev government has attacked antifascists in Donetsk and Luhansk using neo-nazi paramilitaries, often targeting civilians. Soon after the fascist junta came to power, dozens of trade unionists, including pregnant women, were locked in Odessa Trade Union House and burnt alive.