Crimes Associated with the Plundering of Russia (1991-2001)


As the Soviet Union was ripped apart by the traitor Mikhail Gorbachev, the Western forces that aided and abetted his crime soon descended upon Russia and plundered the wealth built-up by 75 years of Soviet effort and sacrifice. I read recently in a Russian-language article that between 1991 – 1999, there was around 5.9 million extra deaths in Russia beyond that normally expected. This was due to the sudden and brutal transition from health, housing, employment and welfare being provided ‘free’ by the Soviet State, to no resources whatsoever, other than those which could be ‘purchased’ at an extortionate price (usually from eager Western firms). In fact, so bad was this capitalistic ‘rape of the ruble’, that the United States Government – which had been directly responsible for the collapse of the USSR – initiated a decade long investigation into the crimes committed against Russia. The following video describes how this investigation suddenly ‘halted’ on September 11th, 2001 (never to see the light of day again), when a ‘plane’ struck the Pentagon Offices directly responsible for the co-ordination and gathering of evidence. Obviously, not only were most of the staff familiar with this investigation killed, but virtually all the evidence of the crimes against Russia was fully destroyed. It is said that high-ranking members of the Bush (senior) Administration were close to being implicated in widespread fraud and corruption. As a consequence of the utter financial destruction of Russia’s sovereign institutions, the Russian people were brutalised and impoverished to a degree still not fully understood in the West. This why thousands upon thousands of loyal ‘Soviet’ citizens protested outside the Russian Parliament in October, 1993 – only to be met with bombs and bullets from the new capitalist government of Russia (in the service of the West). It is believed that around 10,000 Russians were killed during this protest. Most videos that explore 911 and its bizarre circumstance, rarely if ever mention the collapse of the USSR, and make a connection between 1991 and 2001. The suggestion is that Bush (junior) assisted his father (Bush senior) by facilitating the 911 attacks – thus removing evidence of his father’s corruption.

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