Lenin Was Not a Dictator (2017)


In reality, the true dictators in this world are found in the bourgeois class, and are continuously ‘elected’ into office by the ill-informed (and apathetic) voting populations of the capitalist, liberal democracies. Simply changing the despots every four or fives years does not change the nature of their dictatorial terms in office. For true despotism, look no further than David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Theresa May – the so-called Tory and LibDebs Junta – that has ruled the UK since 2010, and killed over 120,000 people with benefit cuts no one voted for, and through the privatisation of the NHS that nobody wants – and that’s just the UK! In fact, so many people have been killed on this small island since 2010, that it seems like the UK has been involved in a major (and disastrous) war, but these casualties have been inflicted by the liberal democracy we all so admire. Only genuinely ‘Socialist’ leaders can change this situation, and this fact only scares those invested in the system of capitalist exploitation. The dictatorship of the proletariat is the well-being of an entire class – which is very different to the egotistical (individualistic) dictatorship of the capitalist and the fascist. The working class directed the USSR – Lenin was just a mouthpiece for humanity!






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