Exposing a ‘Fake’ Story About China – the Case of the Poor Farmer and Educated Son


Communist China is continuously misrepresented in the West, as part of a US-led drive to demean the Chinese people and denigrate their Socialist System. This policy is pursued in a number of ways, one of which is the ‘planting’ of ‘fake’ news articles within a compliant and unquestioning Western media. These articles state untruths such as China is not ‘Communist’, Tibet is under ‘Chinese’ occupation and that the Falun Gong is a ‘peaceful’ organisation (rather than a very dangerous cult). Chinese people are considered racially inferior, and their culture a matter of practised stupidity. The Chinese Socialist state is continuously misrepresented as ‘oppressive’ and ‘failing’, when nothing could be further from the truth.

The photographs above were doing the rounds a few years ago in the West, claiming that an impoverished farmer in China had saved every penny to give his only son a university education – implying that people in China are poverty-stricken and desperate for education. This is completely untrue. ALL education in China is completely free for ALL Chinese citizens – including farmers from economically deprived areas! However, even in areas of relative poverty, finance and resources are extensively pumped into the area so that no one in modern China suffers like in old China. Finally, it has been recently revealed that this photograph and story are not from Communist China – but rather ‘capitalist’ Thailand, where much of their population lives in abject poverty, and ALL education is paid for (as it is in the USA).

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