The Labour Party and Social Fascism in the UK


Although the British rightwing and far-right political establishment thrives on violence and racism – using the working class to hate, murder and kill both within society and on the battlefield, I want to talk about another type of ‘social fascism’ which emerged with the Labour Party of 1945, and which has manifested throughout the numerous governmental departments that administer the British NHS and Welfare State. This is usually a ‘taboo’ subject, whereby everything the Labour Party does is assumed to be in the best interests of the working class it claims to represent (i.e. ‘labour’), but this is obviously untrue. The ‘new’ Labour Party of 1997-2010, of course, was rightwing and distinctly anti-working class, but the Labour Party has only had a nodding acquaintance with ‘Socialism’ since its inception at the end of the 19th century. As more and more bourgeois intellectuals rose-up through the Labour ranks, it was realised that ‘Marxism’ was a direct threat to their presence and domination, and so Marxists were expelled from the Labour Party. The Labour Party today, despite being supported by the Communist Party of Britain – considers the CPB to be a ‘proscribed’ political party that does not act in the best interests of the Labour Party. The CPB certainly does not behave in a manner that benefits the Labour Party, as it unquestionably supports the coming to power of the working class, and does not support the bourgeoisie.

The Labour Party, wherever it is influenced by Marxism, is generally polluted with ‘Trotskyism’ and not ‘Marxist-Leninism’. There is a distinct opinion that Jeremy Corbyn – the most obviously leftwing Labour Leader for decades – is in fact a Trotskyite (due to his criticisms of Communist China, and his failure to condemn the Trotskyite ‘Militancy’ that once dominated Labour activism). Following the disastrous 2017 General Election – the Tories still hold power, whilst the NHS and Welfare State continue to be dismantled and sold-off. Brexit is unfolding into an exercise with the UK ‘re-defining’ how it remains in the EU. All this is happening whilst the Labour ideologues trumpet vitriolic propaganda that achieves nothing in practical terms. In the meantime, the British working class continues to be oppressed by the DWP and Social Services – both relics from the founding of the 1948 Welfare State. These governmental bodies – under the apparent remit of ‘helping’ the poor and the vulnerable – actually treats these people with an apparent disrespect, and in many cases, a complete disregard for the law. The British working class is routinely oppressed by the very agencies that the Labour Party developed to administer its 1948 re-distribution of wealth. These governmental departments destroy life for individuals and families, and only exist to pressure the vulnerable and the poor to be off of welfaresupport. The Labour Party appears to have established these governmental departments as a means to ‘mirror’ the despicable Church Authorities they replaced. For the workers to be ‘controlled’, they must be humiliated at every turn. Is this not the very definition of ‘social fascism’?

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