Vote Jeremy Corbyn to Save the UK in 2017!


Communists and Socialists quite rightly criticise and condemn the Labour Party for its history of co-operation with capitalism and the Bourgeois State. This is an appropriate dialectical approach designed to shake Labour out of its apathy, and guide it in a leftward direction. However, across the range of Communist and Socialist viewpoints, whilst Labour is condemned, generally speaking, Jeremy Corbyn – a known Socialist – is considered the only viable alternative to further Tory destruction, or Liberal Democrat duplicity. Many Comrades are calling to support Jeremy Corbyn, but not necessarily the Labour Party. The point of this is that Jeremy Corbyn possesses the ideological wherewithal to pull Labour back to left, and in so doing, re-invigorate the NHS and the Welfare State, whilst working to break the habitual link between the UK and US imperialism. This will put an end to British troops (and British weaponry) killing innocent foreigners in the name of US capitalism. The anti-Union laws will be repealed, the elderly will nolonger have to pay for their care, and the odious ‘Academy’ system replaced with proper schooling. Jeremy Corbyn has a firm reformist foundation to support his political vision, as the British people have already successfully carried-out the most difficult of Revolutionary actions – voting to get-out of the rightwing, anti-Socialist European Union (EU). It has been incessant EU directives from Brussels (via Washington and Berlin), that have decreed the privatisation of ALL nationalised industries and Socialised medical system – a move that has included the dismantling of ALL welfare systems. Notice as these public services have been taken away from the people, the tax-burden of the people hasn’t reduced, but rather massively increased. This money has been used to finance illegal wars, and bail-out the greedy bankers that caused the recent recession. Jeremy Corbyn has the ability to put Britain back on its own two-feet independent from the US and EU. This is why Communists and Socialists will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 UK General Election! Join this progressive movement and help sweep Theresa May’s Tory Government into the dustbin of history.

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