How Labour’s (2017) General Election Defeat Continues to Haunt the Ordinary British People


The rightwing Tories represent the corporate establishment – that is middle and upper class cultural and business interests. This includes the non-payment of personal and corporate tax, and the rejection of any form of re-distributing wealth amongst the Working Class. in-short – the Tories represent a complete and total rejection of any form of Socialism and empowerment of the ordinary workers within a capitalist society. The Labour Party has not advocated Class Revolution since the early years of its inception (in the late 19th century), and even then such calls were half-hearted. When Socialist Members of the Labour Party renamed themselves ‘Communists’ around 1921 (in solidarity with Lenin’s Russian Revolution), they were expelled from the Labour Party – never to be re-admitted. This is why Labour’s call for Socialism remains thoroughly bourgeois in nature, and amounts to a collaboration with the forces of capitalism – rather than its over-throw. Even with this substantial compromise, however, the Conservative Party will not even consider what amounts to a ‘minor’ and downward re-distribution of wealth that would leave the capitalist system intact, and class privilege firmly in place. To this end the Tories are busy carrying-out two broad policies to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming a ‘Socialist’ Prime Minister: 1) mimicking certain peripheral Labourite policies (in an attempt to take votes away from Labour), and b) continuing unabated (and in an accelerated fashion) to ‘privatise’ the NHS and dismantle the Welfare State (inaccordance with EU legislation). As these services are cut, the tax-burden is not reduced, but continues to increase and be gathered by a bourgeois government that is re-distributing wealth in an ‘upward’ direction (through tax-cuts) – making the wealthier even richer in a manner that is quite pointless to the health of the British nation. In the meantime, the Tory government is using this ‘stolen’ wealth (paid for by the Working Class), to rage imperialist wars in support of US neo-colonial foreign policies (generally in securing oil supplies and revenue). What a despicable political party these Tories represent – which will not even allow a highly compromised version of Labourite Socialism to make life at least ‘tolerable’ for the majority of ordinary people in the UK – whilst the rich continue to live their lives of debauchery and excess.

On Why the Scottish Celts Abandoned Labour


English imperialism, that is the racialised ideology that lies at the core of Toryism, has made life a misery for the Celtic peoples of the British Isles, using rape, pillage, enslavement, theft and ethnic cleansing as the primary means for the English’ ruling classes to control the so-called ‘Celtic Fringe’. The Celtic peoples live in Cornwall (today forming part of south-west England), Wales, Ireland and Scotland (with some descendants of Cornish Celts living in Brittany, France). Once, these people comprised the entire indigenous population of the UK, prior to the invasion of the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, Danes, and Norman (Viking) French, all of which carved-out a distinctive ‘English’ identity that was separate and distinct from that of Celtic Britain. As a result, the Celts (and Picts in Scotland), were driven to the extremities of the British Isles, and their ancestral lands formerly located in central Britain, colonised by these ‘new’ and ‘incoming’ peoples. The ‘English’ attitude toward the Celts was one of racial distinction, exclusion and the assumption of cultural and linguistic inferiority. Indeed, this form of racism is the very defining aspect of contemporary Tory thinking about the peoples of the Celtic Fringe. Celts are treated with indifference and disinterest, coupled with notions of ‘untrustworthiness’ and ‘laziness’, etc. Given the historical reality of the English oppression toward the Celtic Fringe, why did a certain proportion of the Scottish population turn their backs on the Labour Party (the party that has always recognised the importance and significance of Celtic culture), and embrace Toryism (essentially the ‘rejection’ of Celtic culture)?

Cornwall, of course, is an impoverished rural area of the south-west UK, that is treated as a playground by the English middle classes, who run all the Local Councils and influence the continuous re-election of Tory MPs throughout the area. The ordinary Cornish Working Class live en mass upon dilapidated Council Estates (neglected for decades by successive governments), in an extremely impoverished set of circumstances which are artificially held in place by the middle classes that control the area. A report about three years ago, suggested that five year old Cornish children were going to school for the first time still wearing nappies, and unable to say their own names! This is what Toryism does to the Celtic people of Cornwall, who have had to also suffer the wide-ranging cuts to the NHS and Welfare State, to a degree not experienced by the other Celtic parts of the UK.  This is because Cornwall is currently considered part of England, and it has been primarily ‘England’ that has been the target for privatising of the NHS and the dismantling of the Welfare State. Scotland, by way of contrast, (and to a certain extent Wales), being considered at least in principle ‘distinct’ countries (through the terms associated with ‘devolution’), have not been subject to the sudden and rapid privatisation of the NHS and Education, or the dismantling of Welfare, Elderly Care and Social Housing, In fact, Scotland very much retains the British Welfare State as it existed in the UK prior to 2010, with its young people still enjoying free education, and its population in general subject to a comprehensive Welfare System. Bearing this in mind, it is obvious why Scottish people were not interested in supporting Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to re-instate the NHS and Welfare State in ‘England’, as the Scottish people themselves have yet to experience the same-kind of shock as that experienced by the English or the Cornish Celts. It must also be remembered that the Scottish Welfare System is still funded from Westminster, out of the pockets of the British tax-payer, despite the Scots acting as if they are financially independent. The fact remains that without ‘English’ tax-payers, the Scots could not afford their own Welfare bill. It might have been considered a foregone conclusion by all those Scots that voted ‘Tory’ recently that it was in their best interests to vote Labour, as Jeremy Corbyn would have been more open to retaining the Scottish Welfare System, with no comment made, but as matters stand, the Tories believe that as England is the centre of the British Welfare State (rightly or wrongly), it is only a matter of time before the entire system collapses on the periphery, if it is abolished throughout England. In other words, the Scots keeping their Welfare State is merely a short-term compromise to eventually abolishing it altogether (as the Scottish population itself could not generate the finance through taxation to support it). In-short, Scotland needs English tax-payers to retain their Welfare System, and the English need Scottish votes (for Labour) to oust the Tories from Westminster. At the moment, only the English are keep their end of the bargain, but for how much longer? By rejecting Labour, the Scots are putting their own economic and cultural security at risk.

In 1948, the only part of the British empire that the Labour Party extended the NHS and Welfare State to, was Northern Ireland. Virtually over-night poverty was alleviated and the lives of ordinary people vastly improved (this put an end to a lot violence at the time). In fact, to this day, despite all the Welfare cuts on the British Mainland, no significant cuts have been made in Northern Ireland. This is because the British Tory government knows that poverty leads to violence (as everyone starts fighting for dwindling resources), and so has not applied the privatisation cuts to Northern Ireland. For most people living in Northern Ireland, a guaranteed ‘minimum’ of a reasonable standard of living is assured through the NHS and Welfare System still existent in that part of Britain. It is no wonder then, that the rightwing (White Supremacist) terror group known as the ‘Democratic Unionist Party’ (DUP) has been quick to climb into bed with the ‘English’ Tories – as they both share exactly the same intolerant (homophobic) and racist ideology (which in Northern Ireland is aimed primarily at indigenous Catholics not of English colonial descent). Ironically, the DUP is now in a political position whereby it can assist the Tories finish the job of privatising the NHS and dismantling the Welfare State in England, whilst the Northern Irish continue to enjoy all the benefits such a Socialist system brings, albeit still at the expense of the ‘English’ tax-payer!


Vote Jeremy Corbyn to Save the UK in 2017!


Communists and Socialists quite rightly criticise and condemn the Labour Party for its history of co-operation with capitalism and the Bourgeois State. This is an appropriate dialectical approach designed to shake Labour out of its apathy, and guide it in a leftward direction. However, across the range of Communist and Socialist viewpoints, whilst Labour is condemned, generally speaking, Jeremy Corbyn – a known Socialist – is considered the only viable alternative to further Tory destruction, or Liberal Democrat duplicity. Many Comrades are calling to support Jeremy Corbyn, but not necessarily the Labour Party. The point of this is that Jeremy Corbyn possesses the ideological wherewithal to pull Labour back to left, and in so doing, re-invigorate the NHS and the Welfare State, whilst working to break the habitual link between the UK and US imperialism. This will put an end to British troops (and British weaponry) killing innocent foreigners in the name of US capitalism. The anti-Union laws will be repealed, the elderly will nolonger have to pay for their care, and the odious ‘Academy’ system replaced with proper schooling. Jeremy Corbyn has a firm reformist foundation to support his political vision, as the British people have already successfully carried-out the most difficult of Revolutionary actions – voting to get-out of the rightwing, anti-Socialist European Union (EU). It has been incessant EU directives from Brussels (via Washington and Berlin), that have decreed the privatisation of ALL nationalised industries and Socialised medical system – a move that has included the dismantling of ALL welfare systems. Notice as these public services have been taken away from the people, the tax-burden of the people hasn’t reduced, but rather massively increased. This money has been used to finance illegal wars, and bail-out the greedy bankers that caused the recent recession. Jeremy Corbyn has the ability to put Britain back on its own two-feet independent from the US and EU. This is why Communists and Socialists will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 UK General Election! Join this progressive movement and help sweep Theresa May’s Tory Government into the dustbin of history.

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