London UKIP Watch: You Know When the Nuttals are in Town!

Soviet Soldier Stands Guard Over the Soviet War Memorial – London

There’s a certain ‘feel’ to London that is not only unique in the UK, but probably unique in the world. It is a feeling of tolerant togetherness, where ‘difference’ in ethnicity and upbringing being the common currency of the city. Today, out of the millions travelling through this great city, both Gee and myself encountered two White, bigoted members of the rightwing and racist UKIP – whose current shaven-headed Fuhrer Paul Nuttal – launched UKIP’s agenda of hate for the 2017 General Election in London, last night. A handful of educationally challenged morons found their way to a seedy part of town last night to reminisce about Adolf Hitler, and perfect their hate-speech and sound-bites for the inevitable BBC interviews. Unusually for us, as a mixed race progressive couple (wearing Soviet symbols on our jackets) we were stared at on the London Tube, and were the subject of sneers, glares and lewd comments. Of course, we ignored this pointless provocation and went about our way. This never happens in London unless you end-up in a Chelsea crowd, or similar well-known racist football teams. One man got his phone out, and let his 10 year old son listen to the English national anthem, stating that Nigel Farage was the saviour of Britain – and that his son must learn the lyrics as a ‘protection’ against multiculturalism – looking at our family as he said it. Another educationally challenged UKIP supporter tried to look behind my dark glasses to check-out my race – as he looked at my Chinese-looking children! Beating the crap out of these people would be easy, but it would also break the law. The best method is to intellectually expose UKIP and the racist far-right for the ignorant and hate-filled morons that they are. These are ignorant working class people are brain-washed by the bourgeoisie to follow the fallacy of racism, and manifest a false consciousness. Socialism is progressive and scientific whilst fascism is premised upon mythology and ignorance, whilst Communist are more moral than rightwing thugs and stormtroopers. UKIP – get out of our city – we do not want you in the same place that has a Soviet War Memorial!

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