How Labour’s (2017) General Election Defeat Continues to Haunt the Ordinary British People


The rightwing Tories represent the corporate establishment – that is middle and upper class cultural and business interests. This includes the non-payment of personal and corporate tax, and the rejection of any form of re-distributing wealth amongst the Working Class. in-short – the Tories represent a complete and total rejection of any form of Socialism and empowerment of the ordinary workers within a capitalist society. The Labour Party has not advocated Class Revolution since the early years of its inception (in the late 19th century), and even then such calls were half-hearted. When Socialist Members of the Labour Party renamed themselves ‘Communists’ around 1921 (in solidarity with Lenin’s Russian Revolution), they were expelled from the Labour Party – never to be re-admitted. This is why Labour’s call for Socialism remains thoroughly bourgeois in nature, and amounts to a collaboration with the forces of capitalism – rather than its over-throw. Even with this substantial compromise, however, the Conservative Party will not even consider what amounts to a ‘minor’ and downward re-distribution of wealth that would leave the capitalist system intact, and class privilege firmly in place. To this end the Tories are busy carrying-out two broad policies to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming a ‘Socialist’ Prime Minister: 1) mimicking certain peripheral Labourite policies (in an attempt to take votes away from Labour), and b) continuing unabated (and in an accelerated fashion) to ‘privatise’ the NHS and dismantle the Welfare State (inaccordance with EU legislation). As these services are cut, the tax-burden is not reduced, but continues to increase and be gathered by a bourgeois government that is re-distributing wealth in an ‘upward’ direction (through tax-cuts) – making the wealthier even richer in a manner that is quite pointless to the health of the British nation. In the meantime, the Tory government is using this ‘stolen’ wealth (paid for by the Working Class), to rage imperialist wars in support of US neo-colonial foreign policies (generally in securing oil supplies and revenue). What a despicable political party these Tories represent – which will not even allow a highly compromised version of Labourite Socialism to make life at least ‘tolerable’ for the majority of ordinary people in the UK – whilst the rich continue to live their lives of debauchery and excess.

BRITISH WORKING CLASS SOLIDARITY: Why the Grenfell Survivors Should Refuse Theresa May’s Luxury Flats!


Theresa May’s Tory government is continuing to privatise the NHS and Welfare State and is desperate to keep Jeremy Corbyn’s Socialism out of power! Theresa May apologised in Parliament today for a failure by the State (both nationally and locally) with regards to the Grenfell tragedy – saying that the survivors will now be re-housed in a ‘local’ luxury block of flats (that are awaiting purchase by millionaires) – but she has not apologised for those British Working Class who have suffered and died since 2010 due to Tory (and LibDem) Austerity – or stated that she will replace or re-build the NHS and Welfare State! The Tories (and the big businesses they represent) are terrified of the British Working Class that is demanding Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister and a switch back to Socialism as national policy. Yes – the survivors of Grenfell get offered luxury flats (good for them!) but the rest of the country continues to suffer in squalor and poverty with no access to healthcare or benefits! The Tories are privileging a very few members of the British Working Class – whilst continuing to impoverish the vast majority forever – with education being next for the Tory austerity-chop! Theresa May must resign and ‘Austerity’ must immediately stop and be reversed! The British Working Class must stand together and not be drawn into factionalism by the Tories offering glittering baubles for the few at the detriment (and expense) of the many (after-all, more luxury flats can be built for the privileged, but an NHS or Welfare State are not that easy to replace!. In reality, the Grenfell survivors should act in solidarity with the broader British Working Class and ‘refuse’ the luxury flats – and instead demand the END to AUSTERITY, the RESIGNATION of Theresa May, and the inauguration of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. This how true SOLIDARITY works, and how PEOPLE POWER can bring down unpopular and unwanted governments!

Vote Jeremy Corbyn to Save the UK in 2017!


Communists and Socialists quite rightly criticise and condemn the Labour Party for its history of co-operation with capitalism and the Bourgeois State. This is an appropriate dialectical approach designed to shake Labour out of its apathy, and guide it in a leftward direction. However, across the range of Communist and Socialist viewpoints, whilst Labour is condemned, generally speaking, Jeremy Corbyn – a known Socialist – is considered the only viable alternative to further Tory destruction, or Liberal Democrat duplicity. Many Comrades are calling to support Jeremy Corbyn, but not necessarily the Labour Party. The point of this is that Jeremy Corbyn possesses the ideological wherewithal to pull Labour back to left, and in so doing, re-invigorate the NHS and the Welfare State, whilst working to break the habitual link between the UK and US imperialism. This will put an end to British troops (and British weaponry) killing innocent foreigners in the name of US capitalism. The anti-Union laws will be repealed, the elderly will nolonger have to pay for their care, and the odious ‘Academy’ system replaced with proper schooling. Jeremy Corbyn has a firm reformist foundation to support his political vision, as the British people have already successfully carried-out the most difficult of Revolutionary actions – voting to get-out of the rightwing, anti-Socialist European Union (EU). It has been incessant EU directives from Brussels (via Washington and Berlin), that have decreed the privatisation of ALL nationalised industries and Socialised medical system – a move that has included the dismantling of ALL welfare systems. Notice as these public services have been taken away from the people, the tax-burden of the people hasn’t reduced, but rather massively increased. This money has been used to finance illegal wars, and bail-out the greedy bankers that caused the recent recession. Jeremy Corbyn has the ability to put Britain back on its own two-feet independent from the US and EU. This is why Communists and Socialists will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 UK General Election! Join this progressive movement and help sweep Theresa May’s Tory Government into the dustbin of history.

Teach Socialism Not Food-Banks


Capitalist supermarkets in the UK backed the Tory and LibDem policy of vicious Welfare cuts (on the false assumption that their rate of tax would fall), and now demand that their customers ‘buy’ food from them, and then ‘donate’ it ‘freely’ to an in-store ‘food-bank’. This is surely the forces of capitalism taking the piss. Big businesses deprive millions of a basic level of living, and then through the pretence of concern for their victims, attempt to ‘sell’ the antidote to an unsuspecting public. British school children are then told in their ‘academies’ that it is the ‘right-thing’ to ‘buy’ food from the supermarkets (who have caused the problem), and ‘donate’ it freely to local food-banks! This particular deception is held in-place by the re-emergence of hypocritical Christian morality from a Church of England that deals in arms, and institutionally supports the suffering that is ‘austerity’. Instead of supporting food-banks, these entities should be supporting the principle of a fully re-instated Welfare State and advocating a radical re-distribution of wealth. This ‘Socialist’ response to the excesses of capitalist greed is the only valid and correct ideological response. Our school children should be taught to ‘share’, and that ‘greed’ is detrimental to a modern and progressive society.

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