When Russian Nazi Supermen Wear Glasses


This piece of human excrement is one ‘Maxim Martsinkevich’ (b.1984) in Moscow, USSR. As a citizen of the Communist Soviet Union, he and his family experienced every benefit of living in a strong Socialist State. They had full employment, ample leisure time, full State Benefits, subsidised or ‘free’ housing, and a free medical service. When the West conspired to bring-down the USSR (a mission it successfully achieved in 1991), all of this safety net was suddenly removed, and the accumulated wealth (built-up collectively by the workers over decades), was diverted from social care and into the pockets of a few oligarchs. Together with the importation of capitalism, was the conveyance of bourgeois religion, and the political far-right. This included the ideology of neo-Nazism from the West, that used the sudden chaos and poverty of switching from Socialism to capitalism, as a means to break-up worker solidarity and in its place, plant the seeds of race-hate and class distinction. The neo-Nazis taught that the poverty and hardships experienced by the Russian people were not the fault of capitalism (which the neo-Nazis taught was fair and just), but was rather caused by ‘foreigners’, the ‘poor’, the ‘disabled’ and the politically ‘leftwing’. Despite the Soviet Union losing between 30-40 million men, women and children resisting Nazi German aggression between 1941-45, the ideology of neo-Nazism found a willing convert in the shape of the former Soviet citizen Maxim Martsinkevich. As the intelligence level of the far-right is low to say the least, it lacks originality and tends to regurgitate the same old and tired propaganda to justify its own criminality, and this is demonstrated by the fact that Maxim Martsinkevich rose to a prominent position within the Russian neo-Nazi race-hate group named ‘Format 18’ (a clone of the British Combat 18). He has been in and out of prison a number of times in Russia for violating race-hate laws, and dishonouring Red Army veterans who fought in the Great Patriotic War. Whilst participating in the regular beating of non-Whites and guest-workers in Russia, he once filmed himself carrying-out a ‘mock’ execution on a Tajik citizen visiting Russia. In Russia today, lunatics like Maxim Martsinkevich abound. One manner in which the neo-Nazi movement has tried to ingratiate itself into the minds of mainstream Russians, has been through its campaigning against alleged sex-offenders and paedophiles – but this has been a front to attack anyone the neo-Nazis believe are ‘soft’ on immigration and not in favour of racist policies. Videos show Maxim Martsinkevich beating ordinary Russians (of any ethnic background) whilst screaming obscenities at them, and when lying bloodied on the ground – he urinates on them.

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