The Corruption and Racism of Transparency International (TI)


Transparency International TI) is a capitalist supporting, politically rightwing motivated Transnational non-governmental corporation, founded by a number of privileged ‘White’ German businessmen in 1993. It receives substantial financial backing from Western (capitalist) governments, as well as big businesses, and exists to campaign for the retention of political, economic, social and cultural conditions that support and continue the smooth running of the capitalist economic system. TI does this through defining all resistance to capitalism as ‘corruption’, and demonises any regime that is unable (due to poverty) to function in a capitalist setting, or that has chosen not to. Needless to say, the natural racism that underlies TI and its work routinely condemns African countries impoverished through centuries of European colonialism and imperialism, or Asian countries such as China, Vietnam of North Korea, that have chosen to 0ver-through capitalism and pursue a Socialist pathway. It is interesting to observe that whilst assuming a self-righteous and condescending Eurocentric (bourgeois) attitude toward the world, TI NEVER criticises ‘capitalism’ as an economic system, and neither does it draw attention to the fact that the so-called ‘corruption’ that it allegedly investigates is directly linked to the capitalist economic system it supports. TI is a pseudo-morality institute pursuing the ‘good vs evil’ theological agenda of the Judeo-Christian church, which hides its true capitalist (and discriminatory) agenda behind a veneer of ‘doing good’. TI is nothing but a club for privileged White men who want all resistance to capitalism removed from the world so that they might become ever richer. Capitalism is the basis of all corruption in the world, and TI says ‘nothing’ about this. In this regard, what motivates its employees is ‘religious-like’ zeal such as that which would motivate a ‘crusade’. Although founded in Germany (which through the EU – ‘de-Socialises’ the rest of Europe – whilst keeping its own Socialist institutions), Ti is actually controlled through the USA. This is why TI refused to back Edward Snowden after its US branch influenced a resolution inaccordance with US governmental policy. Laughably, in 2012, the US branch of TI gave Hilary Clinton an Integrity Award – an action defended by TI in 2015 following revelations of Clinton’s wide-spread corruption. This is just a small part of a history of financial and moral irregularities that have rocked TI in recent years. In its online propaganda, TI claims to have a branch in ‘China’ – this is false – as Mainland China views TI as a corrupt bourgeois ‘cult’ that attempts to bully sovereign nations into following US foreign policy. Finally, TI often hire employees from varying ethnic backgrounds to camouflage its international racist policies. People should not work for this corrupt institution, but instead strive to bring it down by revealing its true purpose and inherent corruption.


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