UK: Andrew Gosden – Missing Since 2007


GUARDIAN: Andrew Gosden

Andrew Gosden’s Disappearance:


On September 14th, 2007, 14 year old Andrew Gosden (a Goth fan), woke-up late for school, and despite being grumpy, left the house in his school uniform. Known as a maths and computer whiz-kid, he then apparently never went to school, but waited out of sight for his parents and sister to leave the family home before returning. He changed into his ordinary clothes (of t-shirt and jeans), placed his school blazer neatly on the back of a chair, and his trousers in the washing machine, before retrieving the cash-card for his savings account (although later £100 in cash was discovered untouched in his bedroom).  On his way to Doncaster railway station, he emptied his savings account of £200 at a local ATM (following his disappearance, Andrew’s parents added money to this account in the hope that he might draw-out the money – but to date, the money has not been touched). He then purchased a one-way ticket to King’s Cross Station, London. When asked whether he would like a return for an extra 50p or £1, Andrew declined.


It was reported that Andrew sat quietly on the train throughout the journey playing his PSP game, despite the fact that he had not taken the charger with him. He arrived in London at around 11:20am and the last image of him is from a King’s Cross surveillance camera that shows him leaving the station. It is believed that he then got into a car as he does not appear on any of the other (and many) surveillance cameras throughout the area. However, it is thought by some, that as Andrew leaves the train station, he is looking at a grown man who is ‘reflected’ in the glass door (to the far left of the picture), and who appears to be looking at him. To date, there has been further news.


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