When Russian Nazi Supermen Wear Glasses

One manner in which the neo-Nazi movement has tried to ingratiate itself into the minds of mainstream Russians, has been through its campaigning against alleged sex-offenders and paedophiles – but this has been a front to attack anyone the neo-Nazis believe are ‘soft’ on immigration and not in favour of racist policies. Videos show Maxim Martsinkevich beating ordinary Russians (of any ethnic background) whilst screaming obscenities at them, and when lying bloodied on the ground – he urinates on them.

Poppies Support Capitalist Crimes

Wearing a poppy is nothing less than supporting capitalism and imperialism, and has absolutely ‘nothing’ to do with ‘respect’ for British military veterans. If the British government really respected the young working class men and women it routinely sends to fight and die in foreign lands, then it would not have cut veteran benefits or medical in the first place.