CCCP: Biased European History


Secular history in the contemporary West claims to be ‘objective’ and therefore ‘truthful’, but is it? History is a matter of interpreting ‘recorded’ events that are said to have happened in the past, supported – wherever possible – by corroborating evidence. In this sense, the subject of history assumes for itself an air of ‘scientific’ certainty, despite the fact that what it observes (and in a sense ‘measures’) are not natural processes. History, unlike a successful scientific experiment, cannot be replicated under laboratory conditions. In many ways, history is ‘hearsay’ elevated to the level of orthodox fact. Furthermore, history is written by those classes that dominate society at any given moment in time, and who ‘win’ or ‘prevail’ during any major (or minor) conflict. In this sense, history is not objective at all, but represents a certain class-view of itself and its activities which are ‘privileged’ over any other view or interpretation of events. In the case of Western Europe, its bias is toward the bourgeois (i.e. ‘middle’) class, and its preferred Judeo-Christian religious outlook. Even in its secular form, European history is shot-through with the Judeo-Christian theological view of a preferred ‘good’ and a rejected ‘evil’.

The history of the USA, for instance, is presented as a priori ‘good’ even though the well-known historical facts point to the exact opposite conclusion. Europeans invaded an already occupied landmass uninvited, and due to their bias Christian beliefs, declared the indigenous inhabitants to be ‘evil’ and therefore not ‘worthy’ of life or land. From there on in, killing these people in their millions was simply a matter of routine policy. To assist the Europeans in their orgy of murder, rape and pillage, the indigenous peoples of Africa were captured, enslaved, and shipped in the boat-load to the USA to do all the hard manual work for no pay. The USA was built upon genocide, rape, murder and exploitation, and all these aspects exist today within contemporary American society, where two-thirds of the population live either in abject poverty – or close to it – whilst one-third lord it over the rest, enjoying an opulent lifestyle premised entirely upon the inequality hot-wired into the US capitalist system. This ‘evil’ existence is assumed to be ‘good’ in virtually all European history books (a habit of interpretation repeated throughout European civilisation).

The Soviet Union, by way of contrast, was premised upon the exact opposite of US-style genocide and capitalist exploitation, thoroughly rejecting all forms of bourgeois capitalist exploitation, murder, rape and pillage. Despite this political, economic and social framework that mirrors in many ways the ‘goodness’ exhibited by Jesus Christ himself, European historians reject the Soviet era and term it a priori ‘evil’. This demonstrates the non-scientific basis of contemporary European history, and confirms it being solely in the service of the bourgeois capitalist system. As modern Christianity had abandoned the original Socialist and Anarchic teachings of Jesus Christ, bringing its theology into accord with the strictures of modern capitalist exploitation of the masses – Karl Marx thoroughly rejected it as a means to administer a ‘just’ and ‘fair’ society. Although Christians certainly existed in the USSR, the Soviet State remained ‘independent’ of religious influence – a choice of Soviet self-determination often termed ‘evil’ by European historians. What is interesting is that the USA founded its system of government in exactly the same manner – embracing secularism and rejecting religion as a guiding influence upon secular authority. Whereas the US has continued throughout its history to use military force, invasion, murder and religious conversion as a means to perpetuate its own particular brand of predatory capitalism, the USSR did none of these ‘evil’ things, simply because it did not support or pursue the capitalist agenda. As European history is biased, the actual ‘facts’ do not effect its general trend of presenting the Soviet Union in the exact opposite light to how it operated in reality. In many ways, the ‘sins’ of US domestic and foreign policy are ‘projected’ upon the Soviet Union and given credence by a brain-washed public that do not possess the educational tools to ‘see through’ the lies. Although the USSR was an officially ‘atheistic’ State, it behaved in a much more ‘Christian’ manner than the government of the USA that pays lip-service to Christian theology, whilst simultaneously committing mass-murder around the globe.

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