Illegal CIA Drug Experiments


The following documentary is as fascinating record of the Criminal Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States, taking-on and developing the illegal psychological and physical human experiments developed by the Nazi German regime from 1933-1945. As this type of experimentation was out-lawed immediately after WWII, the US government decided to grant immunity from prosecution to many leading Nazi German scientists and medical personnel who had actively participated in this distinct aspect of the holocaust. These prominent Nazi individuals were quietly removed from Western Germany and spirited away to live in America where they were granted immediate US citizenship and given well-paid governments jobs, essentially continuing their illegal work under US protection. This policy had many ramifications including the US Space Programme (led by Nazi scientists that had designed the V1 and V2 terror-weapons dropped on the UK during WWII). However, the CIA took a particular interest in LSD and its mind-altering affects, hoping that it could be used on populations to ‘cure’ a belief in Socialism (which was considered a psychological disorder by the CIA). This documentary explores the alleged use of LSD (and other experimental compounds) upon the Socialist French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit in 1951, by the CIA, and documents the deaths this incident caused. Also recorded is how the US government used its own civil and military populations in nuclear and drug experimentation, and the lies told by the US establishment in an attempt to cover-up this activity.

The anatomy of a CIA lie is simple and straightforward. While engaged in illegal or immoral activity, always assert that:

a) The ‘enemy’ has already behaved in this manner.

b) Claim that your actions are in response to those of the enemy..

c) Never question the validity of ‘a’ or ‘b’, but like a religious myth, always assume a priori that these are ‘true’.

An example of this inversion of truth at work can be seen in the below documentary, where a former CIA-operative states that the CIA concocted the reason that US airmen shot-down over Korea (during the Korean War 1950-1953) admitted to dropping biological and chemical weapons during interrogation, to being the product of a sinister ‘Communist’ brain-washing technique (despite the fact that there was no evidence of any maltreatment of US military personnel whilst in Chinese or North Korean custody). The CIA then used this as an ‘excuse’ to justify their illegal drug experimentation on US military personnel and unsuspecting civilian populations. This ex-CIA-operative then reveals this as a lie by stating that the Korean War began in June, 1950 whilst the CIA’s Project Bluebird (advocating ‘mind’ experimentation) was initiated in April, 1950 – two months prior to the outbreak of the war, and certainly before any US military personnel were captured during combat operations. Perhaps the most repugnant of CIA mind experiments was aimed at children between the ages of 13 and 18 (some of whom were victims of sexual abuse), and which were designed to destroy their sense of ‘self’.

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