Guardian Blames Patient’s Needs for NHS Demise!


The Guardian newspaper is a bourgeois left of centre British publication that rejects Socialism and fully supports capitalism and the EU. Earlier this year it led the charge in the British establishment’s attempt to oust ‘Socialist’ Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership of the Labour Party. In Saturday’s edition, it included extensive coverage of the rightwing backlash against the court decision to allow Parliament to ‘vote’ on whether the UK should leave the UK (knowing full well that most MPs fully support the capitalist EU), and continued its pro-EU propaganda by suggesting that the only opposition to the EU is from the racist far-right. Like the BBC and other British media, the Guardian completely ignored the Socialist and Communist (i.e. ‘Lexit’) reasons to oppose the EU, but instead falsely focused all its attention on the politically illiterate UKIP. In the same Saturday edition that criticises Brexit (5.11.2016) for its apparent ‘racist’ intent, the Guardian ran an indepth story about eight British Pakistani men convicted of abusing young ‘White’ teenage girls in Rotherham – publishing their photographs and their names – whilst on page 10 (under the headline ‘NHS Clogged with 40,000 Dandruff Cases a Year’), the Guardian ran an article criticising desperate people seeking treatment for lingering chest and nasal infections.  This article never once stated that the NHS is being ‘privatised’ because of EU legislation, or that due to sub-standard and inadequate treatment, vast numbers of people are not recovering from simple ailments that can become life-threatening if unchecked.  The pro-EU and pro-capitalist Guardian employs the Tory tactic of blaming the victims for NHS deficiencies (caused by ‘privatisation’), rather than drawing the attention of the public to the real issues.  After-all, the very same bourgeois Guardian would have us believe that the ‘racist’ EU is good for anti-racism!


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