NHS Privatisation: GP Surgeries & Pharmacies Shutting-Down!


The Tories and LibDems passed legislation in the House of Commons in 2012 designed to privatise the British NHS and effectively sell it ‘cheap’ to American private health insurance companies.  In the 1980’s, the rightwing Tory Margaret Thatcher paved the way for this inevitable development by switching the NHS founding ethos of ‘care’ to that of ‘cost’, instantly introducing the concept that if a treatment was deemed to ‘cost’ too much, the patient that needed it would not be allowed to have it.  This change meant that NHS patients could be allowed to ‘legally’ die through what was previously considered the criminal act of medical neglect.  In 2012, the Tory-LibDem Coalition took away any legal compulsion for the NHS to appropriately treat a patient, and gave the right for the NHS ‘not’ to treat a patient without facing any legal responsibility.  This move was intended to make the selling of the NHS more attractive to the private health insurances companies, so that they would not face any legal action for providing sub-standard care.

GP closures could leave 5 million people without access to local practice

Thousands of pharmacies in England ‘at risk of closure’

The British NHS is free at the point of use, but it is not free at the point of production, as it is paid for by every tax-payer living in the UK.  Considering that the UK is in the top ten of rich countries in the world, there is ample money to continue this service, but EU anti-Socialist legislation (and Tory class distinction) has meant that the principle of the NHS is being abolished to be replaced with a capitalist model of health provision premised upon the dysfunctional US model (that leaves millions of US citizens without medical cover).  The British NHS is being sold to the capitalists and it is the ordinary British people that are suffering.  As NHS treatments are cut-back, and more and more drugs taken off the ‘free’ list, there is no demand for NHS pharmacies to exist, as there is nothing to dispense.  As ‘free’ treatments are cut-back, GP’s have a choice to transition to a private medical surgery – or shut-down due to lack of government finance and supply.  The British NHS is being destroyed by this unelected Tory government, that is still applying EU anti-Socialised health legislation, despite Britain voting to leave the EU!  It is interesting to observe that those capitalists who want to remain in the EU, spend so much time and effort campaigning on behalf of big businesses, but remain ‘silent’ on the issue of the privatisation of the British NHS and the dismantling of the British Welfare System!

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