UK: Rightwing Vigilante Death Squads


The very notion of misogyny (i.e. the pathological hatred of women and girls) lies at the heart of Adolf Hitler’s far-right vision of racialised ‘sexual purity’.  Those who conform are perceived as ‘heroes’, whilst those who resist are viewed as the ‘devil’ incarnate.  The rape, torture and execution of declared enemies of Nazi Germany was routine, and remains a major foundation in today’s far-right political movement and a substantial driving force behind the upsurge of internet grooming, child pornography and child abuse in the UK:

Updated Far Right Sex Offenders

As a means to ‘disguise’ its inherent sexual perversity, members of the British far-right have formed various vigilante groups that pose as ‘child protection’ units, but which in reality flout the law by setting-up unsuspecting members of the public in ‘sting’ operations purportedly designed to ‘catch’ paedophiles in action.  Members of these groups – which operate under notoriously ‘Nazi’ sounding names – have adult members pretending to be under-age children that infiltrate various social media platforms looking to arrange ‘meetings’ in the real world with ‘adults’.  When this deception is successful, these rightwing vigilante groups film the encounter and post the video on Youtube.  The encounters are non-lawful and offer no objective evidence whatsoever.  In fact, the UK police have criticised these groups on numerous occasions for compromising ‘due process’ and harming innocent people and the victims of genuine child-abuse:

Vigilante paedophile hunters ruining lives with internet stings

The police have further stated that where a prosecution and conviction of an individual has occurred, it had nothing to do with these vigilante groups, but was the product of long-term police investigation.  Furthermore, the police have also stated that genuine paedophiles might well infiltrate these vigilante groups to access sites hosting chat rooms for children, and therefore actively perpetuate the very activity they claim to be combating:

Anti paedophile vigilantes ‘could put children at risk’

The racist (and ‘anti-disabled’) nature of these vigilante groups was demonstrated by the murder of the British Asian man Bijan Ebrahim in 2013, who whilst protecting his flowers from the local youths, was accused of being a ‘paedophile’ by the local people who beat him to death before setting his body on fire:

Investigations opened into vigilante murder of man mistaken for paedophile

Many of the alleged victims of these vigilante groups are cleared after police investigation of any wrong-doing, and yet these vigilante groups are allowed to upload the videos of these encounters which show their victims are surrounded by a menacing mob and accused of all kinds of unsubstantiated rightwing filth.  Some of these innocent people have took their own lives, whilst others have had their lives destroyed.  Particularly disturbing is the racist and homophobic nature of these filmed encounters.  When these rightwing vigilante groups upload a video featuring a Black or Asian person, the comments section is riddled with far-right racist rhetoric, which becomes homophobic in the case of gay people, or hate-speech when involving Disabled people.  Quite often individuals within these groups pose as 18 year olds to make a date – changing their assumed age to 15 (usually by text) ten minutes or so before the encounter.  These vigilante groups operate from a basic and ignorant political rightwing perspective that is reminiscent of medieval witch hunts.  It is important that the rightwing is exposed in this matter, so that the young and the vulnerable can be truly looked after by those qualified to do so, in a manner where the innocent are not hurt. It is the political far-right that must be smashed to stop paedophilia within our society. As such, these videos should be took-down as they are perpetuating Hitlerite ideology of oppression and sexual deviancy.

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