US Inspired WWIII Hoax


Just a quick note about the numerous World War III posts circulating the Net. There are no such stories in any ‘official’ Mainland Chinese media outlets, and my Russian speaking friends inform me that there are no such stories circulating in Russian media. These stories are in fact emanating from the United States and being trumpeted around the globe so as to suggest that China and Russia are trying to provoke the the West into all-out war. It is true that these stories, although originating within an American-English cultural milieu, are being translated into Chinese (in Taiwan, and other US-friendly Chinese States in an attempt to destabilise Communist China), and into Russian in neo-Nazi Ukraine. These (quite often ‘poor’) translations are then falsely presented as ‘original’ documents, whilst the ‘original’ American-English versions are passed-off as ‘translations’. This is the quintessential ‘inverted’ bourgeois mind-set at work. The only warmongering State in the world at the moment is the USA (supported by its Zionist ally Israel).

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