A Mind Free of Poisonous Greed


I couldn’t care less about money and am certainly not motivated or interested in ‘profit’ for profit’s sake, and yet I live in a world surrounded by people who ascribe a monetary value to everything, and will not help others if there is no monetary gain attached.  Of course, I acknowledge that a living has to be made, but there are legitimate methods and illegitimate methods to do this.  Caring for others with a mind unsullied by greed is an important facet of human healing. Caring that has ‘profit’ or monetary gain as its object, is not ‘true’ caring, but a superficial fabrication that does not possess the ancient ability to ‘heal’. As far as I am concerned, those who practice ‘care for profit’ lack virtue and spiritual fortitude.  Caring for the genuine reason that we want others to be free of pain, and live a happy life, emanates from a psycho-physical frequency of fundamental detoxification and recuperation.  Admittedly, caring in and of itself cannot always ‘heal’ the recipient completely, but its presence gives strength and certitude to the onward journey.  Caring for just as long as the money lasts is an abhorrent perversion of human evolution, and a gross product of economics dominating human well-being.  Those who are greedy live only in a mechanical universe of profit margins and projected loses, where other people are not valid human beings worthy of unconditional care, but are rather stepping stones to acquiring more monetary wealth and material profit.  Fundamental caring pierces through to the very spiritual essence of humanity’s existence.  It has the ability to breakup and dissolve all negativity in the mind and body, and give others the strength to self-heal and to carry on.  Real caring is the underlying aspect missing from advances of modern medicine, where doctors are trained to be accountants and see patients as ‘expensive’ problems, or individuals to be exploited to the highest possible degree, through pointless treatments.  Only the rich receive the best medicine, whilst the poor are left to languish within the mire of filth and poverty.  However, money does not purchase genuine health and well-being, but merely creates a pointless economic category of privilege.  Living longer through the use of expensive mechanical devices, does not necessarily equate with living well or with contentment.  Genuine caring is spontaneous and not mediated by any other concern.  Capitalism not only makes fools of us all, but dramatically reduces true human spirituality in the process.  This is why I follow the Buddha and Laozi in providing spiritual instruction free of monetary charge. It is everybody’s right to be of suffering, and everybody’s duty to ensure that this continues to happen.

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