Encountering China’s Most Beautiful Daoist Nun


This is the Daoist Nun known as ‘Miao Miao’ (妙妙), who lives on ‘Dragon Tiger Mountain’ (龙虎山 – Long Hu Shan), situated in Mainland China’s Jiangxi province.  Although young (apparently born in 1990), she carries the ‘horse hair dust-whisk’ of spiritual authority in the above photograph. According to a man who visited the area during the Tent Festival during the National Day holidays in October, 2010, he met and fell in-love with this nun, and the two got married soon after (their marriage certificate is dated October 10th, 2010).  It is unclear from various Chinese language texts exactly what happened next. Miao Miao is still a Daoist nun living an austere lifestyle on Mount Long Hu -although because of her ‘partner’s’ internet article retelling their whirlwind romance, she has become famous throughout China, with many tourists deliberately visiting the area to speak with her and take photographs.  Some Netizens in China think the entire story is a hoax to encourage tourism to the area, whilst others (including the government position) is that the story is true, and that the Daoist nun Miao Miao has conducted herself with the utmost virtue that the country would do well to emulate.  Although unclear, it would appear that despite marrying a man she just met, she did not ‘consummate’ the marriage, but remained forever ‘pure’.  This Chinese language article (and photographs) are from a tourist perspective of this Daoist nun.



©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:




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