White Racists Dropped Atomic Bombs on Japan!

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Chairman Mao Sees All!

The ‘White’ US Government used anti-Japanese racism leading up to, and throughout the Pacific War.  This is why ‘White’ German-Americans were allowed to march around in Nazi uniforms carrying Nazi German flags in the US as part of their ‘freedom of speech’, whilst innocent Japanese-Americans were held in US Concentration Camps.  It was exactly the same ‘White’ US Government (continuing the pursuance of its anti-Japanese racist policy) that dropped two Hydrogen Bombs on Japan (with a third planned for Tokyo), when at the time, the forces of Nazi Germany remained a much more potent threat to the allies.  The Chinese side of my family suffered atrocities at the hands of the Japanese invaders of China, but the fact remains that the White racists of the US could have dropped their bombs on any non-White ethnic group to retain their racial dominance – it just so happened to be the ‘Yellow’ Japanese.  No right-minded Black, Brown, or Yellow person would ever support the dropping of a mass terror-weapon by White racists on non-White people.  When Chinese people are asked ‘who defeated the Japanese?’, they invariably reply the ‘Soviet Red Army’ – and never the US.  Why?  Just five years after the end of WWII – the US Government threatened Mao Zedong’s Communist China with new and improved nuclear weapons, if China did not stop ‘resisting’ US imperialism in Korea.  Only those Chinese people ‘taken-in’ by the false glitter of capitalism, think that dropping atomic weapons on innocent women, children and old men was in anyway ‘correct’.  Although the Chinese people suffered terribly under Japanese military occupation of their country, when the Japanese beat a hasty retreat out of Manchuria (north-east China), they unbelievably left many vulnerable young children behind, such was the panic.  How did the Chinese people respond?  They took these children into their homes and brought them up as ‘Chinese’.  None of these children were harmed in anyway, despite the barbarous behaviour of their parents, or elders.  This is important because it makes a mockery of those Westerners who support the atomic bombs on Japan because of what was done to ‘White’ prisoners of war, or (usually as an after-thought, or rhetorical back-up), because of their behaviour in China.  I have to state that Chinese people, in no way whatsoever, want to be associated with the ‘White’ racism that motivated the mass murder of tens of thousands of innocent Japanese people toward the end of WWII. Those Japanese who committed atrocities in China remained in China, and were certainly not in Hiroshima or Nagasaki at the time of the atomic bombs.  This matters, because of the US hypocrisy of encouraging the very Japanese nationalism and racism after WWII that led to the atrocities in China (and throughout Asia) as a counter-ideology to Chinese Communism.  The US switched its tactics from the propagation of ‘race-hate’ toward the Japanese and Japanese nationalism, to one of open support for Japanese culture and Japanese nationalism after WWII, which included the deliberate spreading of Japanese martial arts and Japanese ‘Zen’ Buddhism throughout the West.  This policy was supposed to divert the attention of the West away from the far-older culture of China – incase its appreciation might lead to an adopting of Scientific Socialism.  As a consequence, because of this US support, Japan has never acknowledged its guilt for the atrocities it committed in China – the very same atrocities that many revisionist ‘White’ Americans use to justify the bombings!  The White Racist American Government has ‘used’ the people of Japan for decades, and this exploitative relationship does not look like ending anytime soon.  China does not, and will never support the use of nuclear weapons against any nation, and this includes a rejection of the racist US ideology that led to the bombing of Japan.

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