How the UK Government Committed Crimes Against Humanity

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One of the myths of ‘Brexit’ or ‘Lexit’ is that the British people collectively voted to leave the EU because they are racist – this is untrue.  Although elements of the ‘out’ campaign were undoubtedly xenophobic and racist, the simple fact of the matter is that the British racist rightwing did not possess the popularity or numbers to achieve this result.  The EU has a capitalist constitution that demands that all EU member States de-Socialise through privatisation and de-Unionisation.  The UK Government has just been found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity by the United Nations for the manner in which it has applied EU-demanded ‘Austerity’ by privatising the National Health Service (i.e. removing medical care), and dismantling the Welfare System (i.e. removing benefit payments).  These two key EU-led Austerity policies have killed at least 10,000 disabled people, and probably many more.  This figure does not include the deaths of vulnerable people who although not disabled as such, nevertheless were not able to cope within society without the support offered by Socialised institutions.  On top of this may be added the sheer scope of suffering inflicted on the ordinary people of Britain which has seen not only the unemployed reduced to a level of poverty not seen in the UK since the worst days of the Victorian Era, with even working people (competing for EU-led ‘zero-hours’ contracts) queuing-up for food parcels at food-banks either before or after work. (I was once in Paignton, Devon, photographing a building called the ‘Old Monastery’, and was asked not to photograph the line of people forming to collect food parcels).  Make no mistake about it, the Tory and Liberal Democratic Parties are no friends of Socialism, but the pace of attack and destruction of the Socialist institutions of the UK since 2010 has been systematic, extensive and brutal.  The true and complete figure of just how many people have died since 2010 may never be fully known, but a figure of 80,000 has been discussed elsewhere.  It was the intensification of EU-led de-Socialisation using ‘Austerity’ as the pretext, that led to the majority of the British people rejecting the predatory capitalism of the EU and the unjust and systemic damage this has inflicted on the British people in the UK. From a Tory (and EU perspective), David Cameron made a massive mistake promising an EU Referendum at the 2015 General Election.  It is thought that he did this because it looked like the Tories would lose that election, when in fact they went on to win a slim majority.  However, not only has this EU Referendum destroyed this Tory administration, it has thoroughly ended the UK’s slavish participation in the EU.  The EU used the 2007-2008 banking collapse to move its agenda of de-Socialisation forward in a dramatic manner, and bail-out the greedy bankers with money previously used to support the people.  The bankers caused the banking collapse, and the EU-administered capitalist system rewarded them for their stupidity by bailing them out at the expense of the lives of tens of thousands of ordinary people across Europe.  Only the non-EU member country Iceland prosecuted and imprisoned its bankers for the financial ruin they created.  The EU allows full and free migration of the workers between its constituent countries, (that is predominantly ‘white’ migrant workers can travel over and between national boundaries unchecked and unregulated in Europe, although the UK retained its border controls whilst still allowing EU citizens in en masse), whilst the EU simultaneously (and severely) limits migration into the Eurozone by Black, Asian and Chinese migrants.  This is achieved through the implementation of highly draconian and obviously ‘racist’ anti-Black, Asian and Chinese prejudice disguised as ‘immigration’ control.  The EU message is clear – the Eurozone is only for ‘white’ Europeans.  By the UK rejecting the EU, it has rejected predatory capitalism, Austerity, de-Socialisation, de-Unionisation, and in essence the Eurocentric ‘racism’ generated through EU policy.  As the EU is an ongoing ‘white’ imperialist scheme, the UK’s rejection of the EU must be interpreted in the light of the revolutionary (anti-racist) action it most certainly was.  Those who think the UK voted ‘out’ because of racism, do not understand the British people, or indeed the EU and the vicious capitalism it upholds.  The British people should be commended because once again they have stood alone and set an example to the world by making a stubborn stand against tyranny.

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