How Labour Got It All Wrong

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Jeremy Corbyn – a true man of the left – has campaigned against the European Union (EU) for most of his political life, but as soon as he became Labour Leader, the Blairite rightwingers in the party immediately set-about power-broking, making all kinds of demands on Corbyn to prevent his removal through a ‘coup’ (of their own making).  I wrote some months ago that I believe that Jeremy Corbyn is being set-up by the Labour right as a means to ‘purge’ the Labour Party of ALL truly Socialist representation.  As matters have transpired, my suspicions have been strengthened.  Jeremy Corbyn has made a catastrophic error in bending to the Blairite pressure by reversing his natural position of opposing the EU, and switching to a full-blown support of it!  This has been one of the more ridiculous manifestations of ‘New’ Labour spin that is opportunistic in nature, and destructive of working class rights in practice.  This precarious situation exposes that the Labour Party is bereft of any legitimate leftwing opposition to the current slash and burn, rightwingt ideology of the Tory-led neo-conservatism, which is busy currently transforming the UK into a poorer version of the USA.  The Labour Party’s rejection of Socialist and Communist ideology has meant that it has ‘no’ answer to the destructive politics of predatory capitalism – how could it if it rejects the Marxist Theory, the only body of knowledge ever formulated to legitimately oppose capitalism in the name of the working class?  Decades of Labour Party ‘compromise’ with capitalism has led it in a direction ever further away from the working class it once claimed to represent, and to be rejected by many profoundly leftist movements and groups, as well as many of the various factions that comprise the Communist and Socialist presence in the UK (with the notable exception of the Communist Party of Britain).  The rightwing Boris Johnson, by way of contrast – the previous two-term rightwing, Tory Mayor of London – has opposed the EU from start to finish of the UK Referendum campaign and stuck to his guns throughout despite tremendous pressure to conform to the Tory-line of staying ‘in’ the EU.  He demonstrated a commitment to a personal ideal that was taken away from Jeremy Corbyn by the Labour Blairites, and which will in all likelihood ensure him the leadership of the Conservative Party following David Cameron’s resignation yesterday. Not only this, but it is entirely possible that under Boris Johnson, the Tories we will win the upcoming General Election in October on the premise that Boris Johnson understood (and represented) the mood of the nation during the EU Referendum, and is the right person to steer the UK through the ‘disengagement’ process of the UK ‘leaving’ the EU.  This is a dangerous situation for the UK working class which has been entirely created by the Labour Party demonstrating a systemic and shocking lack of understanding and political leadership.  Furthermore, whilst Mayor of London, Boris Johnson pursued a vicious Tory campaign of attacking public services and transport – leaving London bereft of its usual vigour and dynamic creativity.  The Labour Party has created the conditions that will see the Conservatives returned to power in October, and their continuation of the dismantling of Welfare and privatisation of the NHS – despite the fact that there is now no EU incentive to follow either of these policies.

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